We hope this never has to happen but, on occasion, Guests do find it necessary to cancel a booking.

If the booking is still waiting to be accepted or rejected by the Host 

If the Guest simply changes their mind and cancels the booking while the booking is still waiting to be accepted or rejected by the Host, then the site will automatically label the booking as 'Guest Cancelled' and you will receive an email explaining what has happened.

If the Host has accepted the booking and the Guest subsequently cancels

If Guest cancels once the Host has accepted the booking, then the Guest is asked to include a reason for the cancellation, and this will be copied in the email that we send you.

Once a Guest has cancelled an accepted booking you have two options: 

         Return the deposit to the Guest.

         - Keep the deposit for yourself.


If you choose to return the deposit to the Guest 

Just click on 'Confirm return deposit to Guest' and the deposit will automatically be refunded to your Guest and no further action is needed. You will both receive confirmation of all of this.

If you decide to keep the deposit 

 Just click on 'Pass Deposit to me' check and confirm the details on the return page, and then click 'I'm Sure, Return Deposit To Me'.


What if the check in date has already arrived?

If the check-in date for this booking has arrived, you will be asked to confirm your decision and then tell us how you would like to receive your money.

You can either choose to have your payment made through PayPal, or via a bank transfer to a UK bank account only. These payments are usually made during the first week of each month.

If you choose bank transfer then you are required to enter your Sort Code, Account Number and the name on the account.

Payments arrive with Theatre Digs Booker as the payee and the booking ID as the reference e.g. 'hst rfd 80123'.

(Please note: Payments will not be made to international bank accounts. If you do not have a UK account we recommend registering for a PayPal account).

If you prefer PayPal, then simply leave your associated PayPal address. These payments are usually made weekly.


When you confirm your request to keep the deposit, this will appear. You can click on the bookings button to return to your bookings page.



We like to make life as simple and fair for both our Hosts and Guests as much as possible.  Therefore if you receive a replacement booking that covers the same dates as the cancelled booking and is either equal to or more than the amount of the cancelled booking which you have either accepted, rejected or left to expire, we will refund the deposit to the Guest even if you have requested it to be passed to you.


Deposits are retained to ensure that our Hosts have some compensation should a booking be cancelled and they are unable to find a replacement booking. If however, a replacement booking is received, we feel it is unfair to penalise our Guests as there has been no loss to the Host as a result of their cancellation.  Likewise, we also don't penalise our Hosts should they need to cancel a booking for one of their Guests.

We retain no part of the commission for failed bookings

If any part of the deposit is not returned, it is simply processing fees for the payment which is normally around 1.9%.

The site automatically removes the booking from your calendar and sets the booking as 'Cancelled'.

If you have any further questions, please contact us, and we’ll be happy to help.

Thanks for your time and Happy Hosting

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