How to manage bookings

Modified on Tue, 12 Apr, 2022 at 3:49 PM

When a Guest makes a booking, an email and a text message will be instantly sent to the Host. 

The email will look something along the lines of this: (dependent on your email service provider). 

1. Once you have clicked the link, you may have to log in (depending on whether or not you are logged in already!). Enter your login details and click on the Bookings Tab (Note: there should be a little red dot next to it, this means it requires attention).

After clicking on this you will be taken to your bookings which 'Require Attention'.

2. To view all your bookings, you can click on 'All Bookings' in the left hand column on the site. You can also view your upcoming bookings and your requests!

3.  You can find out a bit more about the booking by:

a).  Clicking on the photograph of the Guest or on the Guest's name - this will take you to their profile page (please click here for more information).

b).  Viewing the banner underneath the Guest's name.  This banner informs you whether the booking is a third party booking and if so, provides further details about them including a contact telephone number.

4. From your bookings page, you can accept or reject the booking. Accepted bookings automatically update the availability, processes the Guest’s deposit and sends the appropriate reminder messages to prompt the Guest to write a review. 

If you need to change the details of the booking, you can edit the booking by clicking on the 'Edit Booking' button. For further help on editing a booking please read our help article 'How to edit a booking'.

Rejected bookings automatically update the availability, refunds the Guest’s deposit and sends rejection notification emails to both parties. It can also affect a listing's ratings please click on the link to read more about this.

If you click the 'Accept Booking' button you will be asked to confirm your acceptance of the booking and of our Terms and Conditions.  Please tick the box to shown that you accept our terms and conditions and click the 'Accept Booking' button.

5. If you have decided to confirm the cancellation of a booking, then you will see this message. If you need to, please take the opportunity update your calendar to avoid future confusion. 

6. If you have accepted a booking, click on the 'Messages' button to let your Guests know of any arrival details. 

7. To view the status of a booking, click on the tab 'All Bookings' from here you will be able to see all of your bookings and their status. The status' of your bookings could range from these, dependent upon either yours or the Guests actions!







A booking is marked as 'expired' if you have either: a) not read or responded to a booking with 24 hours of it being received or b) after 7 days of the booking being received if you read/responded to the Guest's message but have not either 'Accepted' or 'Rejected' the booking (see above).

You can view your expired bookings by clicking on the 'All Bookings' button or link.  If you can accept the booking, you can message the Guest here.


8.  If you haven't responded to a booking request within 22 hours we will send you a text to let you know that you have a booking request that needs your attention.   This will help ensure our Hosts never miss any booking requests and that are responded to as quickly as possible.

Thats it! You have responded to your booking.

Once you’re happy just logout or quit your internet browser.

If you have any further questions please contact us  and we’ll be happy to help.

Thanks for your time and Happy Hosting

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