However many precautions one takes, there may still be the need to cancel a booking.

If this is the case please visit your bookings page, find the relevant booking and click 'Cancel Booking'. 

If the booking is still waiting to be accepted or rejected by the Host then the site will automatically label the booking as 'Guest Cancelled' and you will receive an email confirming the cancellation and your deposit will be returned via PayPal.

If you cancel an accepted booking, you will be asked to include a reason for cancellation and this is included in the email we send the the Host.

The Host, must then decide whether or not they wish to receive the deposit themselves or ask us to return it to the Guest. If there is no response from the Host within 7 working days, we will return the deposit (minus fees) to the Guest.


We retain no part of the commission for failed bookings. If any part of the deposit is not returned it is simply PayPal's fees for processing the payment which is normally around 1.9%.


The site automatically removes the booking from the Host's calendar and sets the booking as 'Guest cancelled'.


Cancelled bookings will affect a Guest's reliability rating, so please only cancel bookings if absolutely necessary. The Host has the right to request the deposit is paid directly to them. Some Hosts may waive this right, depending on the circumstances.

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