It may be necessary to change some of the details of a booking. This help article explains how;

  • Hosts can make changes both before, and after a booking has been accepted.

  • Hosts can respond to Guests' requested changes

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Making Changes to a Booking 

Receiving Requested changes to a Booking 

Useful Information

Making changes to a booking

Log in and click on Menu and then click on the 'Bookings' button

Select the desired booking by clicking any part of the booking panel of your requested or accepted booking:


Click the 'Edit booking' button:

The next page shown below is where you can make changes to your requested or accepted bookings:


Enter any desired changes on the form and click 'Request Changes':


The other party has 24 hours to accept or reject the request.

Once the Guest accepts the changes, any adjustments to the deposit and remaining balance will be taken care of and notifications sent.  If you are making changes to a requested booking, then the booking will be marked as accepted. That's it!

Receiving requested changes to a booking 

Guests can request changes. These appear as 'Bookings Requiring Attention' in the bookings tab. Click anywhere on the booking to see more.

 If you chose to reject the changes from the Guest you can either Reject Change, or you can Reject and Suggest New Change

If you accept the change the deposit and remaining balance will be taken care of and notifications sent.  If you reject and suggest a new change, the change this information will be sent back to the Guest for them to make their decision about their booking.

That's it!  

Useful Information

  • Both requested and accepted bookings can be edited.

          Note: If the booking is accepted but the Host's requested changes are not accepted by the Guest, either party             is within their rights to cancel the booking without penalty.

  • Currently only Hosts can override the automatically calculated price for a booking. Guests wishing to request a price different to that calculated would need to contact the Host asking them to make the requested changes themselves.

  • If the total fee is increased, the Guest is required to pay the additional deposit at the time of requesting or accepting a change.

  • Requested changes expire after 24 hours without a response

  • These are the editable elements of a booking:
    • Room
    • Number of Guests
    • Check-in/Check-out date
    • Price 
    • 'Booking on behalf of' status

       (Bookings cannot be moved between different digs listings)

  • If a request is rejected, cancelled or expired then any potential refunds or additional payments will be made void and no payment will taken. 

  • If a request is accepted then any potential refunds or additional payments will be processed and the change will be reflected on the booking.

  • In the event a booking is cancelled, any additional payments will be considered part of the deposit and processed as such.

  • To withdraw a request, find the booking and click the "Withdraw" button.

  • Once withdrawn, no changes will be made and all potential refunds and additional payments will be made void.

  • Rejecting a request requires a reason for the rejection.

To cancel a booking, please read our other help article: 'What if I need to cancel a booking?'.

If you have any questions please visit our Help Centre.

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