When a Guest select dates for their stay, the site looks at the prices listed and calculates a pro-rata fee. Whilst the site will always try to work out the correct price for the required stay there is always a chance that something needs to be adjusted. 

Remember that if any element of the booking needs to be adjusted, the Host can edit the booking. (How?)

These instructions aim to explain how to set pricing on a digs listing.

How much should I charge?

Firstly, please bear in mind that most theatre professionals are working away from home for extended periods of time and are given a very limited touring allowance with which to pay for their accommodation and food each week.

We ask all our Hosts to consider offering their digs for the lowest possible price to help support the theatre industry and their local theatre.

To get an idea of where to start, try searching for digs in your area and filter by your accommodation type and similar features. This should give an idea of how much Hosts are charging for similar listings nearby.

Editing your Digs

Firstly, you need to enter the page which allows you to edit your digs. Underneath the 'Digs' Tab on the top of the screen, you will see all the Digs that you have added so far. For the Listing you wish to edit, click the 'Details' button situated on the bottom right.


This will bring you to your listing page. From here you can see 'Preview Digs', 'Digs Details', 'Edit Digs', 'Pricing' Edit/Add Photos' and 'Edit/Add Rooms'.

Editing Your Prices

It may be necessary to edit your prices from time to time, in order to do so, go to 'Pricing' under the digs menu. Here you can see the current pricing for your whole property or each of your rooms. Click the 'Update Pricing' Button on the room you wish to edit.

Here you can update your pricing by entering new values into the Nightly, Weekly and Monthly fields. 

If you allow more than 1 Guest per room, e.g. 2 Guests, you will need to enter the pricing for both 1 Guests and 2 Guests. 

If you are listing your Whole Property and have varying rates depending on the number of Guests, you will need to enter prices for each number of Guests. e.g. Prices for 1 Guest, Prices for 2 Guests etc.

Once you have finished, click 'Save Prices'.

Minimum Stay

You can set a minimum stay if you don't want to receive booking requests for just one or two nights. You can do this from the 'Edit Digs' link under the 'Digs Menu' column on the left. By ticking the box 'Repeat Minimum Stay' you can make sure that your chosen minimum stay period only applies to the first week of each booking. If left blank, each 7 days of a booking is treated as a new week and the minimum stay is applied again.

In an example, we choose a 3 night minimum stay and leave the box unticked so that the Host cannot receive less than 3 nights worth of bookings each week:

As you can see, 8 nights have been selected so the site calculates 7 nights (£100) + 3 nights minimum stay (£60) = £160.

(This is for Hosts who, for example, expect to receive a weekly booking starting on a Monday and if the booking from the previous week encroaches on the next week, preventing the next Guest from booking that week, then the Host is still able to receive an acceptable minimum fee.)

With the box ticked, the minimum stay only applies to the first week of each booking:

Here the same dates are chosen but because the minimum stay only applies to the first week, the site calculates 7 nights (£100) + 1 night (£20) = £120.

Nightly Price

You can edit each room to show a nightly price which you are willing to accept. For example, some Hosts might think that the minimum they might be willing to accept is £75 per week so they could set a minimum stay of three nights and set the nightly price of the room to £25.

Calculating the price

The total cost of stay is based firstly on the nightly rate until the point at which the nightly rate exceeds the weekly rate. From then on, the weekly rate is applied until, similarly, the monthly rate is reached.

e.g: If you were to set £150 as your weekly fee then at £30 per night, the weekly rate would apply from the 5th night onwards (otherwise it would be more expensive to stay for 6 nights than it would to stay for 7). 

The monthly rate is based on 28 nights.

Seasonal Prices 

If you would like to display different prices for a specific period (E.g. the Edinburgh Festival), please read this help article: How to create seasonal pricing.

Hopefully this tutorial has been helpful, if you need any further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us

Happy Hosting!

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