It may be necessary to change some of the details of a booking - perhaps you negotiate a different price than that listed or the 'check-out' dates changes.

Here is how to edit a booking.

1. Log in and go to your 'bookings tab'

2. Select the booking you wish to edit and click 'Edit this booking'

3. Once you have clicked on Edit Booking a check box will appear:

Ensure your Guest is aware of the changes you are making to their booking.

4. Amend any of the following as necessary: Number of Guests, Dates, Room and Total Price.

5. To edit an accepted booking click 'Save Changes' - which in turn will save your amendments, update your calendar and send a confirmation of the booking to both you and the Guest.

The Guest has already paid a 10% deposit on the original total amount. They will be asked to pay the revised balance to you on arrival unless otherwise stated or agreed. 


If the total fee is lower than original - and the booking was made less than 60 days before the edit then the Guest's deposit will be reduced to correctly represent 10% of the total booking fee. If the booking was made more than 60 days prior to the edit please contact us to process a refund of the difference in the deposit. 

If the total fee is higher than original - we will be notified and an invoice will be emailed to the Guest via PayPal for the difference between the original deposit and the new deposit to correctly represent 10% of the total fee.

If you need to cancel a booking please read our other help article: 'What if I need to cancel a booking?'.

Please get in touch if you have further questions or would like assistance.

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