Whilst the majority of bookings on the site run very smoothly, we understand that sometimes things can go wrong.

Before raising an issue on the site, we would advise that you speak directly with the Guest as this can often help to resolve any issues most efficiently.

However if you require further mediation, you can raise an issue on the site by following the steps below.

1. Sign in to your Host account.

2. Visit your Bookings Page by clicking the 'Bookings tab' in the main Menu.

3. Locate the booking with the relevant Guest and click the 'Raise Issue' button.

Please note that you can only raise an issue once the booking has begun. If you have any problems before the check-in date has arrived, you can contact us here.

4.  You will then be asked if you have spoken to the Guest about the issue.  We find that many issues can be resolved by talking directly with the other party and recommend that you do this in the first instance.

If you have not yet spoken with the Guest, you then have the following options:

4. If you have spoken with the Guest and/or wish to proceed with raising an issue you will then be asked to fill out a standard form that will be sent to our support team. This requests information such as the primary issue, if any money has been received and your preferred next steps.

Please ensure that you include as much detail as possible to help us with the mediation process.

5. Once you have completed this form, click the 'Raise Issue' button at the bottom of the page to submit it.

Please note that the Guest will not be notified of your report until it has been reviewed by us. In order to resolve an issue, it is likely that we will need to contact the Guest, however we shall ensure that you are happy for us to do this first.

6. That's it, you're done!

Your report will be sent to our Support Team who should be in contact as soon as possible.

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