Guest Code of Conduct

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Our platform is all about connecting Guests with Hosts in a respectful and friendly environment.

To ensure that everyone has a great experience, we ask all Hosts and Guests to treat others with kindness and respect by following our Code of Conduct. 

The key values are:

Be respectful

Be honest and accurate

Communicate clearly

We believe in fairness and try to treat Guests and Hosts with the same values we ask of them. You can see the Host's Code of Conduct hereThis code works alongside our site's Terms and Conditions

Hosts and Guests can aim to meet either:

  • Expected Standard ✅ 


  • Best Practice ⭐️


  • Honesty and Accuracy 
    • Profiles and Listings
    • Pets and Allergies
    • Furniture and Fittings
    • Towels, Bedding & Laundry
    • Children

  • Clear Communication  
    • Messaging, Payment & Companions
    • Issues and complaints    
    • Cancellation and Early Checkout
    • Reviews and Reports

  • Being Respectful 
    • No Discrimination
    • Cleanliness
    • Safety & Legal
    • Security and Privacy
    • Heating and Ventilation
    • Use of Kitchen
    • Use of Bathroom

Honesty and Accuracy

Profiles and Listings

Expected Standards ✅

Guest profiles should be as complete and accurate as possible including:

  • Guest Bio (About You) section
  • Verified email
  • Given or professional name
  • A recognisable photo of the Guest
  • A valid mobile phone number
  • Full 3rd party details given where applicable

Best Practice ⭐️

  • Pro Body Affiliation completed
  • Current Tour Code added

Pets and Allergies

Expected Standards ✅

  • Any allergies to pets/animals should be clearly indicated in the Guest bio and in messages to the Host.

  • Rules and restrictions around pets/animals must be respected at all times.

Best Practice ⭐️

  • Would take every care to protect the Host’s property from any damage or contamination caused by bringing a pet with them.

Furniture and Fittings

Expected Standards ✅

  • Should take every precaution to not damage or alter any of the Host’s items and to bring to the Host’s attention as soon as possible, any issues, shortcomings or damage.

Best Practice ⭐️

  • Would accept that the quality/standard of the furniture, fittings and decor are the choice of the Host and are in-line with the price of the accommodation.

Towels, Bedding & Laundry

Expected Standards ✅

  • Should take care to ensure bedding and towels can last up to seven days without the need to change/wash.

  • Should immediately report and offer to pay for replacement stained or damaged items where damage was avoidable e.g. makeup/fake-tan staining or soiled sheets.

  • Should expect to carry out no more than one laundry wash per 7 night stay unless by arrangement with the Host. 

  • Should do their own laundry and not expect the Host to do so.

  • Should follow any rules around usage and respect other occupants including being mindful of how noise might impact others.

Best Practice ⭐️

  • Would bring their own towels and/or sheets where use of items such as fake tan or makeup is unavoidable and would stain/damage the Host’s items.

  • Would only use facilities where needed and would ensure minimum energy usage.



Expected Standards ✅

  • It should be made clear to the Host if the Guest intends to bring anyone under the age of 18 years to the accommodation.

Best Practice ⭐️

  • Would provide DBS check on request where applicable.

Clear Communication

Messaging, Payment & Companions

Expected Standards ✅

  • Guests should clearly explain their purpose for their stay and how it relates to being a Theatre Professional (for 'Theatre Professional-only' digs) at the time of booking.

  • Clear updates on timings of arrival and departure along with any specific requirements should be clearly communicated via a messaging feature wherever possible.

  • Guests should inspect the accommodation on arrival and prior to paying to ensure they are as advertised.

  • Any other arrangement regarding payments should be clearly agreed via the message service.

  • Guests should understand that if the Host has requested a different payment arrangement in the Digs description, any new terms and conditions regarding cancellation and refunds are strictly between the Host and the Guest. 

  • Guests should respect the listed price and not attempt negotiation unless the stay is longer than 28 nights.

  • Guests should only bring companions to the property with the permission of the Host.

Best Practice ⭐️

  • Would respond to requested amendments and messages within 2 hours

  • For stays of longer than one week, weekly instalments may be arranged with the Host’s permission but this should not be required or expected.

Issues and complaints

Expected Standards ✅

  • Should respectfully raise any issues or complaints directly with the Host and give reasonable opportunity to rectify any shortcomings.

  • If there is failure to rectify or agree a solution, early check-out may be required and the Guest should raise an issue via the site at the earliest opportunity (where applicable).

Best Practice ⭐️

  • Would calmly and respectfully resolve any issues with the Host directly to facilitate a smooth completion of the booking. 

Cancellation and early checkout

Expected Standards ✅

  • Should pay for the nights stayed giving as much notice as possible before any cancellation or early check-out.

  • Where more than one Guest is staying during the course of a booking, the booker is responsible for the whole booking payment regardless of whether or not one of the Guests arrives late, or leaves early and no change request has been made.

  • If the booking cannot go ahead as originally booked for any reason, the final and accurate dates and fees should be updated via the booking’s edit or cancellation facility as soon as possible and before the booking completes.

Best Practice ⭐️

  • Would calmly and respectfully cancel or checkout with best-possible communication and offer to compensate Host for any shortfall due to Guest’s own fault.

Reviews and Reports

Expected Standards ✅

  • Should complete an honest and accurate review of their stay to indicate to other Guests what to expect from the Host and the accommodation.

Best Practice ⭐️

  • Would complete any survey or checklist available to categorise the accommodation experience against an agreed set of standards.

  • Would write constructive and helpful feedback in a kind and respectful manner where needed to improve the overall experience of others.

Being Respectful

Discrimination, Harassment or Bullying

Expected Standards ✅

Best Practice ⭐️


Expected Standards ✅

  • Should maintain the standard of cleanliness exhibited by the Host for the duration of their stay.

  • Should not expect ‘Hotel standards’ of cleanliness but a reasonable standard for the price charged.

  • Should respect the Host’s rules and standards including:

    • washing and putting away of dishes.

    • keeping shared areas clean for others - where applicable.

    • Disposing of waste appropriately 

  • Should accept weekly changing of sheets/towels and light cleaning, by arrangement, if staying for more than one week.

Best Practice ⭐️

  • Would tidy and clean prior to leaving to reduce burden on the Host and to maintain lower prices for future Guests.

Safety & Legal

Expected Standards ✅

  • Should ensure reasonable measures are taken to maintain a safe environment in and around the accommodation.

Best Practice ⭐️

  • Would follow any guidance offered by the Host, employer or the venue with regards to safe travel to and from the venue.

Security & Privacy

Expected Standards ✅

  • Should respect any areas designated as private and act with respect towards any items or information shared by the Host or other residents/Guests.

  • Should allow Host access by arrangement, for cleaning or for required access.

  • Should only arrange for deliveries to the property with permission of the Host.

Best Practice ⭐️

  • Where personal contact is required or expected, the Guest would find a balance between being a friendly, interested houseguest and finding privacy and space on their own.

Heating and Ventilation

Expected Standards ✅

  • Should respect the wishes of the Host with regards to ventilating and heating of the accommodation assuming the minimum of 18℃ has been achieved. 

  • Should not leave lights or heating on when not required.

  • Should politely outline and agree any specific requirements for heating and ventilation, if applicable, at the point of requesting a booking.

Best Practice ⭐️

  • Would aim to use as little additional heating/energy as possible.

Use of Kitchen 

Expected Standards ✅

  • Should respect any rules and limitations set out by the Host with regards to amount and times of use. 

  • Should only use Host’s food or supplies with prior agreement.

Best Practice ⭐️

  • Would discuss with Host any specific requirements for cooking and preparing food and agree what is reasonable for all parties.

Use of Bathroom

Expected Standards ✅

  • Should respect any rules and limitations set out by the Host with regards to timings and use. 

  • Where applicable, should respect the needs of other occupants with regards to timings and time spent occupying shared bathrooms. 

Best Practice ⭐️

  • Would wipe down surfaces and leave the bathroom clean and ready for the next user.

Use of Communal Areas

Expected Standards ✅

  • Should respect any rules and limitations set out by the Host in their description or house rules.

Best Practice ⭐️

  • Would make themselves at home whilst fully-respecting the Host and their property. 

When using the word 'reasonable' we hope for our Hosts and Guests to agree what is fair and sensible based on all relevant factors. When there is disagreement on this, please see the When things go wrong section of our solutions.

We understand that many of the items listed could be considered common sense and that not every scenario can be covered. This document aims to provide deeper guidance to those unsure what is expected of them or of their accommodation provider and is drawn from over 2000 years worth of successful bookings made through the site as well as ongoing consultation with the industry.

We will review this guidance periodically and will gladly update the contents based on the feedback we receive, where appropriate. To submit a comment or suggestion, please email

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