Relevance is all-important to potential Guests - they need to know that they are contacting and booking up-to-date listings. 

Digs listed on the site are rated based on several 'relevance criteria':

  • Guest Reviews - Encouraging your Guests to write reviews is the best way to improve your listing's rating. The more 'stars' you receive, the higher the rating.
  • Last update - If you log in regularly and update your calendar, description, photos, pricing - this lets us know that you are keeping your listing up-to-date and will increase your rating.
  • Booking acceptance rate - If you accept 100% of the booking requests made, your rating will be much higher than a listing that only accepts 50%.
  • Expired bookings - If no response is made to a booking request within 24 hours, it suggests that the Host is not checking email regularly and that can cause frustration and confusion for potential Guests. The more expired bookings on your account - the lower your rating.
  • Response time - The quicker you can respond to a Guest's enquiry the higher the rating.
  • Number of photos - A listing with one photo will appear below all other listings with more than 1 photos. 10 photos will rate higher than 1.
  • Host photos - If you are willing to upload a profile photo, Guests have a better idea of who they are booking with and will help raise your rating.

This is what your reviews tab will look like once you start getting Guest reviews on your Digs listing:

This is all designed to make bookings easier for everyone. A few minutes spent optimising your listing can increase the number of bookings you receive.

If you have any questions about this please contact us.

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