In addition to the basic requirements of hosting as described in The Host's Checklist, we have worked with our Hosts and Guests to agree on a standard code of conduct for both Hosts and Guests.

(The Guest's version can be read here: Guest's Code of Conduct)

Many theatre professionals find themselves on tour for months at a time and unlike most other industries, theatre tours require most company members to source their own accommodation and pay for it out of a very meagre touring allowance.

Our Hosts offer a life-line to these wonderful people and act as a much-need and undervalued support network to UK Theatre. 

Because most Hosts are private individuals, trust is paramount in the Host/Guest relationship.

We expect Hosts to provide clean, warm, dry and comfortable accommodation for a reasonable fee and in exchange they expect clean, courteous and respectful Guests.

Here are some points that should act as a guide as to what is expected from a TheatreDigsBooker Host:

Be respectful

Guests are expected to respect their Hosts wishes with regards to any house rules, cleanliness, noise, security etc. We ask that Hosts respect the space and privacy of their Guests. 

Communicate clearly

Once a booking is accepted all contact information is shared between Host and Guest. Please make use of this and ensure timings, requirements, issues are politely discussed between you.

Take payment on arrival

Unless otherwise stated or agreed, Guests are required to pay on arrival. If this is not possible, we ask Guests to communicate this with their Host prior to booking and/or arrival. If a Guest has paid for part or all of their stay and then decide to leave early, they are more likely to communicate with the Host to arrive at a mutually agreeable resolution. 

Write a review
Guests are asked to review their stay and at the same time, Hosts are asked to review their Guests. This is not required but ultimately, Hosts will be able to see more and more information about potential Guests - including their reviews and bookings histories - to make an informed choice when accepting their booking request. We also encourage feedback to be used constructively to make the most of the Hosting experience.

Because the rich tradition of Theatrical Diggings (Digs) is so fundamental to UK theatre, we aim to maintain this valuable and exclusive network by bringing it into the 21st Century - giving future generations of touring theatre professionals an ever-improving choice of good quality, great value accommodation.

If you would like to add to or discuss any of the points in this code of conduct article, please email us.

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