Our platform is all about connecting Guests with Hosts in a respectful and friendly environment.

To ensure that everyone has a great experience, we ask all Hosts and Guests to treat others with kindness and respect by following our Code of Conduct. 

The key values are:

Be respectful

Be honest and accurate

Communicate clearly

We believe in fairness and try to treat Guests and Hosts with the same values we ask of them. You can see the Guest's Code of Conduct hereThis code works alongside our site's Terms and Conditions.

Hosts and Guests can achieve either:

  • Expected Standard ✅ 


  • Best Practice ⭐️


  • Honesty and Accuracy 
    • Profiles and Listings
    • Pets and Allergies
    • Furniture and Fittings
    • Towels, Bedding & Laundry
    • Children

  • Clear Communication  
    • Messaging, Payment & Companions
    • Issues and complaints    
    • Cancellation and Early Checkout
    • Reviews and Reports

  • Being Respectful 
    • No Discrimination
    • Cleanliness
    • Safety & Legal
    • Security and Privacy
    • Heating and Ventilation
    • Use of Kitchen
    • Use of Bathroom
    • Use of communal areas

Honesty and Accuracy

Profiles and Listings

Expected Standards ✅

Host profiles and listings should be as complete and accurate as possible including:

  • Host Bio (About You) section
  • Verified email
  • At least one photo of each room on offer
  • A recognisable photo of the Host*
  • Digs’ Description outlining the accommodation on offer
  • Clear Pricing - nightly, weekly and monthly
  • Additional policies or rules
  • Accurate location
  • Accurate calendar availability 
  • Completed features, Health and Safety, Accessibility and child-friendliness 
  • 80% acceptance rate or greater
  • House rules outlined in description

Best Practice ⭐️

  • 10 clear photos including all areas available to the Guest
  • Pricing set at lowest possible amount without dynamic or seasonal variation 
  • Mobile and landline numbers entered on profile
  • Full details of any house rules, expectations or standards other than standard are details in the description 
  • Over 90% acceptance rate

Pets and Allergies

Expected Standards ✅

  • Would indicate if pets/animals are in the property via digs' feature checkbox.

  • Would indicate if pets are allowed via digs' feature checkbox.

Best Practice ⭐️

  • Details of any pets/animals present in the accommodation would be clearly indicated in description.

  • Details of any restrictions, allergies or rules regarding Guest’s pets would be clearly indicated in description.

Furniture and Fittings

Expected Standards ✅

  • Should provide good quality beds, mattresses and bedding.

  • If the bed is temporary such as a sofa bed, this must be clearly indicated in the description.

Best Practice ⭐️

  • Top quality beds and beddings are provided and renewed at least every 5 years.

  • Furniture and fittings are of good quality, robust and in full working order.

Towels, Bedding & Laundry

Expected Standards ✅

  • Should provide freshly laundered bedding and at least one bath-size towel for each Guest for each week’s (7night) stay.

  • Changing of sheets and bedding should be by arrangement so as to respect the Guest's privacy.

  • Reasonable additional charges are acceptable if the Guest requires additional bedding or sheets within a 7 night period. 

  • Should facilitate use of laundry facilities including wash powder/tablets/liquid for one wash per 7 night stay unless expressly stated or agreed otherwise. (Host is not expected to carry out laundry service for Guests.)

  • Should clearly indicate any restrictions of use in the description. 

Best Practice ⭐️

  • A plentiful supply of towels are supplied at no extra cost throughout the stay.

  • Would offer unlimited laundry facilities with reasonable use applied.



Expected Standards ✅

  • It should be made clear to the Guest that anyone under the age of 18 years is likely to be present at the accommodation during the Guest’s stay (where applicable).

Best Practice ⭐️

  • Would provide DBS check on request should the Guest be travelling with those under 18.

Clear Communication

Messaging, Payment & Companions

Expected Standards ✅

  • Hosts should allow Guests to inspect the accommodation on arrival and prior to paying to ensure they are as advertised.

  • Full payment should be received from the Guest on arrival, after inspection, unless otherwise previously agreed or stated.

  • Any other requirement than the site’s 10% deposit/commission and balance on arrival should be clearly stated on the listings description prior to booking and include clear terms regarding cancellation and refunds.

Best Practice ⭐️

  • Would respond to booking requests, amendments and messages within 2 hours

  • Guests staying for multiple weeks are able to pay weekly, by arrangement.

  • Would ensure all communication was made using the site's message service.

Issues and complaints

Expected Standards ✅

  • Should respectfully raise any issues or complaints directly with the Guest and give reasonable opportunity to rectify any shortcomings.

  • If there is failure to rectify or agree a solution, early check-out may be required and the Host should write a review or raise an issue via the site at the earliest opportunity (where applicable).

Best Practice ⭐️

  • Would calmly and respectfully resolve any issues with the Guest directly to facilitate a smooth completion of the booking.

Cancellation and early checkout

Expected Standards ✅

  • Any additional cancellation policy set out by the Host must be clearly detailed in the description at time of booking and must be enforced by the Host. 

  • If the booking cannot go ahead as originally booked for any reason, the final and accurate dates and fees should be updated as soon as possible and before the booking completes.

Best Practice ⭐️

  • Would calmly and respectfully facilitate the early checkout or cancellation and refund the Guest any unused part of their fee/deposit.

Reviews and Reports

Expected Standards ✅

  • Should complete an honest and accurate Guest review to indicate to other Hosts what to expect from the Guest.

Best Practice ⭐️

  • Would complete any survey or checklist available to categorise the Guest against an agreed set of standards.

Being Respectful

Discrimination, Harassment or Bullying

Expected Standards ✅

Best Practice ⭐️


Expected Standards ✅

  • All areas accessed by Guests should be cleaned to a standard considered reasonable for a paying Guest, prior to arrival. 
    • To include:
      • dusting and wiping all surfaces
      • vacuuming / sweeping
      • washing of all bedding and towels 
      • thorough cleaning of kitchen, toilet, bathroom and all communal areas
      • For stays of more than one week, the Host should offer to change sheets, towels and clean on a weekly basis - by arrangement only

Best Practice ⭐️

  • Would make cleaning materials available for Guests’ use. (Required for self contained.)

  • Would ensure the highest possible standards of cleanliness were achieved.

Safety & Legal

Expected Standards ✅

  • Should meet all local legal requirements for the type of property.

  • Should ensure reasonable measures are taken to maintain a safe environment in and around the accommodation including working fire alarm and carbon monoxide detectors.  For more information on this please see our help article Safety Regulations and Tips.

  • Should ensure all Guest-accessible areas are made safe with no obvious dangers present.

Best Practice ⭐️

  • Would carry out and display on request a risk-assessment for all Guest-accessible areas.

  • Would ensure all electrical and gas certificates were present and up-to-date (Required for self-contained).

  • Would inform all Guests of any safety concerns regarding the local area and advise on safest options regarding travel/routes to and from the accommodation.

Security & Privacy

Expected Standards ✅

  • Should provide a safe and secure place with locks to the outside of the property and on rooms if shared with other Guests or residents. 

  • Should clearly communicate any security measures, codes timings and/or procedures.

  • The Guests’ party should have sole occupancy of the accommodation on offer unless stated otherwise. (The bedroom for 'Living-with-Host' or whole property for 'self-contained').

  • Should treat the Guest’s area(s) as private and only enter by prior arrangement for cleaning or required access.

  • Shared Bathroom/Toilet doors should have suitable locks to ensure privacy.

  • Should clearly state in the description if security cameras operate within the property.

Best Practice ⭐️

  • Would provide a set of keys/codes etc for 24hr access only to appropriate parties e.g. Guests and other occupants. Required for self contained?

  • Where personal contact is required or expected, the Host would give the Guest an appropriate balance of giving space to unwind after a busy day at work and offering a warm and welcoming home.

Heating and Ventilation

Expected Standards ✅

  • All Guest-accessed areas should be able to be heated to a minimum of 18℃. 

  • Guests should be able to control the heat (directly or by request) to within a reasonable margin. 

  • Any restrictions of use or additional fees must be clearly stated in the description prior to booking.

Best Practice ⭐️

  • Would offer unlimited heating included in the total fee.

Use of Kitchen 

Expected Standards ✅

  • Should offer reasonable access to allow Guests to make their own meals, store and refrigerate food. 

  • Any food or supplies brought in by the Guest remain the property of the Guest. 

  • Any limitations of use should be clearly indicated in the digs' description.

Best Practice ⭐️

  • Would create ample fridge and cupboard space for a week’s groceries for each Guest.

  • Would offer tea, coffee, sugar and other items such as oil, salt and pepper etc to prevent Guests having to travel with or buy basic items at every venue.

Use of Bathroom

Expected Standards ✅

  • Should offer reasonable access and clearly state in their description, any limitations of use.

  • Clean, hot water should be available at appropriate times. E.g. when arriving home after an evening show.

Best Practice ⭐️

  • Unlimited hot water would be available whenever the Guest requires it.

Use of Communal Areas

Expected Standards ✅

  • Should offer reasonable access and clearly state in their description, any limitations of use.

Best Practice ⭐️

  • Would openly welcome Guests to all communal areas of the property, allowing them to feel at home.

* Host profile photos are not required where the is no in-person contact with the Host. For example where the account is run by a business without a single point of contact or when the property is self-contained and keys/handover are dealt with remotely.

When using the word 'reasonable' we hope for our Hosts and Guests to agree what is fair and sensible based on all relevant factors. When there is disagreement on this, please see the When things go wrong section of our solutions.

We understand that many of the items listed could be considered common sense and that not every scenario can be covered. This document aims to provide deeper guidance to those unsure what is expected of them or of their Guests and is drawn from over 2000 years worth of successful bookings made through the site as well as ongoing consultation with the industry.

We will review this guidance periodically and will gladly update the contents based on the feedback we receive, where appropriate. To submit a comment or suggestion, please email support@theatredigsbooker.com.

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