Part of the requirements of being a Host on TheatreDigsBooker is to try to maintain a minimum 80% acceptance rate for all rooms offered on the site. This does not mean Hosts have to accept every booking we send them. Instead, it means that we ask Hosts to maintain accurate availability so that when Guests do request a booking, they can be confident that the Host should be able to accommodate them for the dates that show as available on the listing.

To assist Hosts, we have made the calendar easily updatable from any device and ask that Hosts review availability calendars at least once a month to ensure nothing has changed.

The acceptance rate shown on the listings simply shows the percentage of accepted bookings over the past 12 months. This does not count cancelled bookings and can indicate to potential Guests the likelihood of the Host's calendar being accurate and therefore the booking request being accepted. 

The success of any site such as TheatreDigsBooker depends heavily on reliability and if Guests make bookings which the Hosts state as available and then have those bookings rejected because the calendar was not up-to-date, those Guests may lose faith in the site and not return - which is bad for all concerned.

By making acceptance rates clearly visible to everyone, Hosts will be encouraged to block out dates on their calendars when they are unavailable thereby increasing the overall acceptance rate of bookings which means more bookings for Hosts and more peace of mind for Guests.

As always, if you would like to comment on the above or any other element of our site, please get in touch.

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