After the pandemic, we listened to feedback from our Guests, Hosts and producers and we understand that safety has become a higher priority for everyone. While TheatreDigsBooker is no leading authority in Health and Safety measures, we wanted to provide a way for Guests to see what measures (if any) a Host has implemented for their digs and what specific requirements (above being a great Guest) the Host places on the Guest.

So we have created a form of suggested Health and Safety measures a Host can fill out to show what measures they have in place. These measures will be shown on each digs listing. We hope that this not only encourages everyone to consider what extra measures they can take to keep everyone safe, but will also provide more transparency. The list is not exhaustive but there is a section for additional measures not mentioned in the list to be added as required.

Note: Filling out a Health and Safety measures form is not mandatory to make a listing bookable on TheatreDigsBooker. If a form is not filled out, Guests will only be able to see that a form has not been completed.

If a Guest has any concerns or questions for the Host in regards to any measures that are/aren't in place. Then Guests can message a Host before making a booking. Please see our help article: How do I message a Host before booking?

This feature is part of our latest COVID-19 Policy.

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Guests: How to view a Dig's Health and Safety measures

Hosts: How to edit/complete a Health and Safety measures form

GUESTS: How to view a Dig's Health and safety measures

To see any Health and Safety measures a Digs listing has in place:

  • Search for a dig you would like to stay at, click the dig, head on over to the digs 'About' section. 

  • Then click on the 'Health and Safety Measures' section.

HOSTS: How to edit/complete a Health and Safety measures form for your Digs Listing

A Host can edit or complete the form by heading over to their Digs Page.

Click 'Details' on the Digs listing you wish to complete/edit a Health and Safety measures form for.

Click the 'Manage Digs' button and select 'Health and Safety' from the menu. 


Select your Health and Safety Measures and then click 'Save' to save all your measures.

Note: All new digs on the site will be asked to fill out a Health and Safety form but this is not mandatory. 

For more information please visit our help article Safety Regulations and Tips.

If you have any questions please visit our Help Centre

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