[Updated: 16th April 2021]

It has been a difficult 2020-2021 for most in the Theatre Industry. However, in light of the Government's recent road map announcement, better days appear to be ahead. With this, production companies have been requesting support and Guests have started to book with TheatreDigsBooker again and we wanted to clarify some changes to our policy to reassure both Hosts and Guests of what TheatreDigsBooker is doing as the industry prepares to reopen. 

COVID-Related Cancellation Policy



Guests can book in confidence knowing that if their booking is made after the 19th April 2021* and is cancelled due to COVID-related reasons, TheatreDigsBooker will refund the booking deposit to the Guest without any undue delay**.

If a Guest cancels their booking due to COVID-related reasons and there is a delay of more than 10 working days before the deposit appears back in their bank, we ask that Guests please contact our support team so we can review the cancellation and ensure a swift refund of the deposit.


All Hosts should be aware that if they accept a booking after the 19th April 2021* and the booking is then cancelled due to COVID-related reasons, Guests will be entitled to the deposit held by TheatreDigsBooker. If a Guest does cancel a booking and a Host chooses to retain the deposit in these circumstances, TheatreDigsBooker will redirect the deposit to the Guest.

Hosts cancelling due to COVID-related reasons can contact support to ensure that the cancellation does not effect the listing's acceptance rates.

COVID-Related Reasons

Such reasons could include, but not be limited to:

  • Show/Tour cancellations where COVID is stated as the primary factor
  • Hosts or Guests not being able to adhere to accommodation guidelines
  • Hosts or Guests contracting COVID or being required to isolate 
  • Government restrictions regarding touring and/or accommodation

*19th April 2021 is the date when acknowledging the new policy became required to make and accept a booking. Our normal policy, as set out in our terms and conditions, applies prior to this date. In which case, statistically, 96% of all cancelled booking refunds go back to the Guest and the remainder are requested by the Host. Theatre Digs Booker only retains deposits, as commission from the Host, for successful bookings.

**The industry shutdown in March 2020 was catastrophic for us and we had no system in place to cope with all income ceasing combined with 100% refund request. This has now been remedied and all deposits are kept safe and ready for refund until the booking is successful - so, no more delays! 

Health and Safety

Guest Policy

With the industry opening up again, we want to do our best to ensure bookings can continue in a safe and appropriate manner. With this in mind, we will be asking Hosts to complete a Health & Safety Measures Form for each of their digs listings. 

Equally, we ask Guests to respect any Health and Safety measures a Host has implemented and adhere to any house rules as set out in the 'About' section of the digs listing.

To ensure safe and legal stays, all Guests will be asked to agree to this before requesting a booking and we ask that Guests please review the latest government guidance before travelling and follow all national and local guidelines.

We hope this builds confidence to make and receive bookings by offering greater transparency between Hosts and Guests.

We must stress that TheatreDigsBooker does not inspect digs in person and Health and Safety measures shown on a digs listing are as stated by the Host. If any Guest feels the accommodation does not meet the measures as stated on the digs listing or has any safety concerns for the digs they are staying in, they should contact our support team.

Host Policy

With Theatres opening up, we are sure our Hosts are excited to receive theatre Guests again and want to play their vital role in helping the industry get back on its feet. 

We want to ensure all Guests feel confident about the safety of their accommodation, whether they're staying with a Host or in self-contained accommodation. We have created a new Health & Safety Measures Form for Hosts to complete. This will help to inform and provide transparency to Guests of any measures Hosts have taken to help all parties keep safe during their stay. The form will be related to each digs listing and how a Host responds to our set of basic Health and Safety questions will be shown on the listing for potential Guests to see. 

We also require Hosts to acknowledge that they have read and will adhere to the latest government guidance regarding overnight stays. This is now a required step in accepting a booking and Hosts should consider what guidance is in place for the dates of the stay and not just at the time of receiving the booking. The government's roadmap should be useful here.

Health and Safety for Bookings Prior to 21st June 2021 or 'Phase 4' (whichever is sooner) 

As guidance is constantly changing and specific to certain areas of the UK, we are not in a position to offer a definitive guide on best practices. However, below we have gathered a number of current measures. Please keep in mind that this is just advisory and we ask all Hosts and Guests to follow the current Government Guidance.

Social Distancing must be adhered to wherever possible. You should try and keep at least 2 metres from anybody outside of your bubble.

Face Coverings, if available, should be worn when in the same room as somebody outside of your bubble.

Regular Cleaning should take place in a shared space, before and after use.

Ventilate shared areas during use.

Wedging doors open to reduce contact points.

Hand washing facilities should be present and used immediately upon returning to the building.


Keeping shared and common areas clean is one of the more effective ways of reducing the transmission of viruses and bacteria. The following advice comes directly from the Gov.UK website. This is just a summary of some of the points but you can read the full article here.

  • Reduce Clutter - this makes it a lot easier to keep areas clean.
  • Use standard products such as detergents and bleach - pay attention to all surfaces but focus mainly on frequently touched surfaces (Door handles, light switches, work surfaces, remote controls etc.)
  • Touched surfaces should be wiped down twice a day in common areas.
  • Take extra care cleaning bathrooms and toilets.
  • When doing laundry, use the warmest setting and dry clothes completely. 
  • Do not shake dirty laundry before washing.
  • Clean and disinfect anything used to carry dirty washing.


If you have any questions about this article and they are not answered in any other of our FAQs or help pages, please email support@theatredigsbooker.com and we will do our best to respond as quickly as possible.

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