We remove email addresses, phone numbers and web links from messages and digs' descriptions to help keep visitors on the site.

When a booking is accepted both parties are sent full contact details (that we have on file), including email addresses:


Host's Email:

Guests email:

In addition, the Host's address and phone number is displayed on the Guest's booking page and the Guest's phone numbers are displayed on the Host's booking page:

Guest's view:

Host's view:

This all helps to encourage on-site communication.

We try to keep all communication on the site for several reasons.

  • Hosts are encouraged to update their listings more regularly.
  • Both Guests and Hosts have a record of all communication regarding their bookings.
  • Answers are more easily available while on the site.
  • But most importantly Bookings are completed online!

Completing bookings online is important. (Why?) 


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