We remove email addresses, phone numbers and web links from messages and digs' descriptions to help keep visitors on the site.


When a booking is accepted both parties are sent full contact details (that we have on file), including email addresses. 

In addition, the Host's address and phone number is displayed on the Guest's booking page and the Guest's phone numbers are displayed on the Host's booking page. 

Guest View:

Host View:

This all helps to encourage on-site communication.


We try to keep all communication on the site for several reasons.

  • Hosts are encouraged to update their listings more regularly.
  • Both Guests and Hosts have a record of all communication regarding their bookings.
  • Answers are more easily available while on the site.
  • But most importantly Bookings are completed online!

Completing bookings online is important. Why? 

If you really need to tell someone your telephone number, you can message them making sure the number stands alone - ensure the number is typed as one consecutive number with a space before and after.
(e.g. like this: Tel: 01335818025 not: Tel:01335818025).
But, hopefully, you shouldn't feel you need to.

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