This solution will guide you through how to book digs on Theatre Digs Booker. If you find this solution at all unsatisfactory or come across any problems not mentioned, then please don't hesitate to contact our Support Team

Before booking digs you need to register as a Guest, if you have done so already then please skip along to step 8.

1. Go to TheatreDigsBooker and click on the 'Register as Guest' link under the 'I'm a Guest' tab at the top of the page.

2. Next, fill in your details on the registration page. This includes your email, desired password, name and mobile number. When finished, hit the 'Sign Up' button.

3. Now, if you have been given a Tour Code by your Company Manager, it's time to enter it here. This will show you all your tour dates and will allow you to book Digs in relation to them. A detailed tutorial on Tour Codes can be found here. Alternatively, if you don't have a Tour Code or one to hand, then you can skip this step. 

4. The next page will ask if you are a member of any of the affiliates mentioned. Please pick one from the list and include your membership number or access code (Access Codes can be found on the members-only section of the Professional Bodies website instructions can be found here). 

Enter the code into the text box provided and then click 'Save and Next Step'. Alternatively, if you aren't a member of any of these organisations, then feel free to skip this step.


5. Next, fill out a little bit of information about yourself - including your theatre professional status and how you heard about us. Again, this step is optional, you can skip to the next one if you like. 

6. Next, if you choose to, you can add a profile photo to your page so hosts can see what you look like. As always, Please note that this step is entirely optional.

7. Now is a good time to confirm your email address. Click on the link that we have sent you and then you're ready to start making bookings!

If completed correctly, this message will appear!

8. Now you are able to search the site. Head over to the homepage and choose where you want to stay. You need to choose a city or a theatre, but 'Type of Accommodation', 'Check In' and 'Check Out' are all optional at this stage. Choose where you want to stay and then click 'Find Digs' highlighted in red.

9. You will now be greeted with a map and a list of Digs which we have on site. However, you may wish to refine your search to further suit your needs! You can do so by clicking on the 'Show Filters' tab located just underneath the bottom right of the map.

Note: Choose your preferred order of results from the drop-down menu below 'Show Filters' and choose a theatre to include ‘Distance from Theatre’.

10. Clicking on this filter will show a drop-down menu. From here you can tailor your search to certain criteria to make your stay all the more comfortable! Click on the checkbox next to your desired features and click 'Refine Search'. 

11. Scroll down and choose the listing that seems most suitable and friendly for you. Click on this listing. You can view different details about it along the tab bar at the top.

12. Select your desired room (if available) and number of Guests, then choose your check in date and check out date. The cost of your stay will be listed above the 'Book Now' button. When you're ready, click 'Book Now'!

Note: You will need to confirm your email address before you can make a booking.

14. Double check the booking details, write a message to your Host and click ‘Pay Deposit’.

Note: If you are booking on behalf of another Guest please indicate this on the booking form.

Fill in the relevant details about the Guest who will be staying in the digs.

15. You will be directed to PayPal. Complete the payment as instructed.

Note: You don’t need a PayPal account (but it can make things much quicker). Just click ‘Don’t have a PayPal account?’

Your request is sent to the Host and they have 24 hours to respond. Keep an eye on your email inbox or log in and check your profile for status updates.


Note: If the Host rejects your booking or takes longer than 24 hours to respond, we will email you to let you know so you can try somewhere else.

This is a system that has been custom-built for If you have comments and feedback on ways to improve the system of booking digs we’d love to hear from you.

Thank you!

Phil and the Theatre Digs Booker Team

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