1. Start by typing a place name such as a town, city or theatre name in the search box and select your choice. Select the dates and type of accommodation you want. Once done hit 'Find Digs'.

2. On the first list, you will see all the digs available on the dates you have entered. You can view the accommodation icons on the map at the top of the page.

3. Clicking the icons will show a small preview of the digs including the name and short description.

4. To refine your list further, we now offer a filter section, found in the grey boxed area. You can choose any number of features, add dig type options, set a maximum price and adjust your search radius. 

6. You can also order the results in any way you choose.

7. If you want to remove the filters and see all the digs available, simply click on ‘Clear filters’ and the search will refresh.

8. When choosing a town or city without stipulating a theatre, all theatres in the area appear as a list. By selecting a theatre from this list, it removes all other theatres from results and allows you to order the list by distance from a theatre.

9. You can also see the theatre’s own Online Digs List by clicking the theatre’s link - this shows all the digs on the site that appear on that theatre’s own digs list - handy of you want to know if the hosts have experience of receiving theatre professionals!

We hope these search features help you find and book digs more easily than ever before.


As always, if you have any questions or feedback, please get in touch.


Happy Touring

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