Entering one or more professional body association can help reinforce your 'Theatre Professional' Status as it appears on Guest profiles for Hosts to see. 

The status can increase the chances of you acquiring successful bookings as some Hosts choose to only allow Theatre Professionals to stay in their Digs.

This tutorial is suitable for new and existing users.

Existing Users

1. If you are an existing user, first log in to the Theatre Digs Booker website. Then navigate your way to the 'Profile' Tab in the top right. A direct link can be found here.


2. Once you have clicked on the 'Profile' Tab and the page has loaded, you will see a list of Theatre Digs Booker affiliated Professional Bodies.

3. From here, you can click on the name of the organisation(s) you belong to and you will then be asked to insert that organisation's unique Access Code* or your membership number into the field provided (1). Then Click 'Add Membership' (2).

*A Professional Body Access Code is a code provided by a recognised Theatre Professional Body. The code is reserved for members of the Professional Body only and can, in most cases, be accessed from the members' area on the organisation's website.

4. Once successfully added, the name will appear under a new section named 'Your Current memberships' above the list. Please note that you can add more than one if you have the means to.

New Users

For new users, this feature is implemented into the 'Sign Up' process. A link to Guest registration can be found here

1. Once you have filled out the required fields and clicked 'Sign Up', you will reach this page: Select one of our affiliated Theatre Professional Bodies.

2. To add a body click on the name and enter your Access Code listed on the members only section of the Professional Body Website. (see list below)

From then on you can fill out the rest of the sign-up process, view your tour dates (if you're touring) and start booking Digs!

If you have any questions or problems, again, please feel free to contact us at support@theatredigsbooker.com or call us on 01335 818025.

Here is a list of links to professional body code pages (you will need to be logged into your respective account):

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