When placing a booking through the site, Guests will pay a 10% deposit to secure their booking,

e.g. The Guest would pay a £10 deposit on a £100 booking.

This deposit is held until the Host either Accepts or Rejects the Booking request.

If the Host accepts the Booking, we retain the 10% deposit and this acts as our commission for bringing the booking to the Host. This charge includes all our costs

The remaining balance is then paid by the Guest to the Host on arrival unless other arrangements have been agreed between both parties.

e.g. £90 to the Host when checking in.

We advise Hosts to contact the Guest before their Check-in date to discuss the remaining balance due and also their preferred method of payment, i.e. Cash or Bank Transfer.

If the Host rejects the Booking, the full deposit is automatically refunded to the Guest via the original payment method.

We only take commission from successful bookings!

For more information please see: Why do you charge 10% commission? (For Hosts)

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