Here are a few things you can check to make sure your listing offers you the best opportunity to showcase your property and attract as many bookings as possible:

  • Photos - Listings without photos are no longer accepted on the site - they are THAT important. Make sure yours are good quality, in focus, landscape in orientation and include shots of the bed (use the bedroom photo as the first shot) and any other areas available to the Guest.  Also, include one of yourself under the 'Profile' section. Click to this help article: How to upload photos for more information on this.
  • Pricing - Check your prices are correct and up-to-date. Check also that they are competitive with comparable digs in your area.  See how to compare your Digs with others in this help article: How much should I charge?
  • Reviews - Ask Guests to write a review on the site - they can find a tab on your listing and it helps raise listings higher in search results.
  • Description - Make sure your description is friendly and expansive. Guest like to know what they can expect from their stay there.
  • Update regularly - Relevance is all-important to visiting Guests. They need to know that they are contacting and booking up-to-date listings. Regularly updating your listing will help with its rating.

Here is a handy checklist:

Click here to see Host checklist

Happy Hosting!

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