Since 2010, TheatreDigsBooker has been working with touring companies and individual Hosts to bring digs booking online. 

We now have over 7,000 registered Hosts and have received over 450,000 nights worth of bookings through the site.  

We are offering a solution to help theatres to Host their own digs lists on TheatreDigsBooker for FREE!

Reward your loyal Hosts and visiting companies with an improved accommodation service which has never been available - until now... 

What do we offer your Hosts and visiting company members?

Visiting company members (Guests) can efficiently manage all their touring digs in just one place. 

  • Easy booking and up-to-date availability 24/7 from any device.
  • Host friendly; A tailor-made website designed to help Host's easily manage their bookings.
  • Dedicated full-time support team, ready and waiting to support both Hosts and Guests
  • NO risk, Hosts pay 10% commission only when we deliver a successful booking. No joining fees and no other hidden costs.

Why trust us to help your theatre?

Every month we help hundreds of Hosts and Guests manage their bookings better and more confidently than ever before. We now have:

  • Over 16,000 Registered Guests
  • 5,000+ Registered Hosts
  • And we've processed over 350,000 nights worth of bookings since we started in 2010

The advent of big online accommodation sites such as AirBnB have decimated the traditional digs lists by making money from a spare room the primary focus. These sites charge for the full stay upfront, add on fees and even operate complex dynamic pricing schemes that drive the prices up based on demand.

We are different! We keep prices as low as possible and attract Hosts who want to support The Arts as their primary focus.

By getting your digs list online, we can save you time, money and hassle as well as reward the loyalty of your existing Hosts by putting them back in the place where touring companies go for their digs.

We'd be delighted to answer any questions and offer ongoing support.


Thank you for your interest,

The TheatreDigsBooker Team

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