How to get the best digs for your next visiting company

UK Theatre, Equity, and other industry unions agree with us that more can be done to ensure that there are enough Digs that meet the required standards of the industry.  

To see how your venue can be part of improving standards for touring professionals, and how TheatreDigsBooker can help you manage, offer and grow your own fully supported and professionally managed online Digs List read more about this here.

How to view and link to your online Theatre's Digs List 

Visit and enter the name of your theatre into the relevant search box.

Select the correct theatre and then:

Click on 'Find Digs' and this will take you to the next page with a list of Hosts located near to your Theatre.

Next click on the 'Refine Search' button


Scroll down, and add the search criteria for 'Price Per Week' (Equity recommends 80% of current touring allowance)

Copy the URL on your browser:

Add the URL to your website or send visiting companies to that URL, when asked for your digs list.

For example: 

"See our Industry Best Practice Digs List here"


How to report a listing which does not reach our expected standards

Please let us know by contacting our support desk if your visiting companies ever report that Digs do not meet the 'Expected Standard' as set out in our Host's Code of Conduct.

If you would like us to add any additional features to our online Digs List search feature please get in touch.

If you have any questions please visit our Help Centre

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