There are two ways to view an online digs list:  

1. The easiest way is to use the theatre's unique TheatreDigsBooker URL.  For example;

2. The second way to view a theatre's Online Digs List is to;
  • Visit and enter the name of the theatre into the relevant search box
  • Select the correct theatre and then,
  • Click on 'Find Digs' and this will take you to the next page with a list of Hosts located near to the Theatre.

  • Next, Scroll down until you see the theatre logo on the right hand side and click on 'View Digs featured by (Theatre Name)'


  • You've now reached the theatre's unique Online Digs List - The page should look something like this:

Guide to your Theatre's Online Digs List:

A. The Theatre's logo will appear here.

B. The Theatre's name and contact details will be here.

C. The number of Hosts on the Theatre's List will be updated here.

D. Each listing that is associated with a theatre receives the 'Experienced Host' logo which distinguishes them from Hosts with no previous hosting experience

At the bottom of your theatre page is a button 'Show all available digs' - Click here to return a search for other digs near your theatre.

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