TheatreDigsBooker is designed to make and receive bookings easier for all concerned.

Guests want to search for digs, make booking requests which will be accepted by the Host.


Hosts want to receive bookings and know that the Guest is likely to show up and be respectful.

Besides from just adhering to the site's terms of use, there are basic requirements that apply to all registered Guests on TheatreDigsBooker.

  • Register with accurate details - ensure your name, contact and profile details are all correct and up-to-date.
  • Only book for yourself - Third party bookings are reserved for individuals who are responsible for making arrangements on behalf of a Theatre Company.  These individuals are asked to update their profiles with details about themselves and the details of those whom they represent. 
  • Message the host immediately via the site if there are any changes to your booking.  This then gives the Host the opportunity to ask more questions, or to ultimately decline the booking if they wish.
  • Book digs through the site via the 'Book Now' button - you can message Hosts but bypassing the booking facility is not permitted.
  • Check your email and respond to messages - remember to respond to messages as soon as possible in case Hosts are holding rooms for you.
  • Pay the Host on arrival - unless otherwise stated or agreed between you.
  • Obey the Host's house rules - We encourage Hosts to detail any specific house rules in their digs' descriptions. Please respect their wishes wherever possible.
  • Be respectful - Take care of the Hosts property and belongings during your stay, in the unfortunate event of something being damaged, it may be necessary to pay for a replacement item.
  • Let us know of any problems - If there is a problem with a Host, Digs or a booking, please let us know as soon as possible so we can help.

In addition to the requirements, there are also ways you can improve things for everyone:

  • Write reviews - we send an email the day you check-out after each stay. Please take a moment to write about the accommodation.
  • Help Hosts get online - if you stay somewhere that isn't on TheatreDigsBooker, offer them help to get online - it helps everyone.
  • Spread the word - TheatreDigsBooker was built for you! To enable it to grow and improve you can help by letting friends, family, colleagues and other Hosts know about us.

A full list of terms can be found here.


Please get in touch if you have any questions or feedback.

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