From Jan 28th 2016, TheatreDigsBooker offers both Hosts and Guests the opportunity to write reviews regarding completed bookings that have taken place via the site.

Both sides are also able to publicly respond to any comments made about them, their stay or their digs.

How to write a booking review:

1. Once a booking is complete, Guests are prompted with an email to write a review for their recent booking. The link featured in your email will take you straight to your 'All Bookings' view. This will show all completed (and failed) bookings. (Click on all bookings if you see the button).

2. Scroll down till you find the booking awaiting a review - you'll see the 'Review this Booking' button in green located underneath the listing. Click on this.

3. Fill out the star rating for each criteria, write your comments in the box provided and click 'Submit your Review'.

Because all reviews are currently moderated by the TheatreDigsBooker support team, it can take up to 7 working days before reviews are published. Only when they are published does the reviewee receive notice that they have a review.

Booking reviews are only admissible within 28 dayss of check-out. After that time, it will no longer be possible to write a review for that booking. This is to help ensure that all reviews are accurate and up-to-date. A reminder email will be sent out near the end of this time limit if no review has been received.

How to respond to a Guest Review:

Hosts are encouraged to write reviews about their Guests.

Please note: It will be tempting to write a 'Booking Review' about your stay as a response to your 'Guest Review' but please only use the response option to directly comment on the review about you.

Responses only appear on the Host and Guest profiles but not the digs listing. 

1. If you have received a Guest Review - it will mention on the booking. Click on the green 'Read and Respond' button located underneath.

2. You can now see what the Host has said about you. You can respond to this if you want!

TheatreDigsBooker is unique in that, in most cases, you will be staying in a private home and not a hotel so if there are some negatives, please be as constructive and objective as possible. 

Got something good to say?

Fantastic! Let everyone know how great these digs are by writing a review. 

Got something bad to say?

Ok. Feedback is essential. Tell us your observations here but try to be constructive. These reviews are read by Hosts and other potential Guests so please don’t make it personal. Explain how you would like things to be in a way that the Host can view as a way to improve. 

(Writing reviews that are inflammatory, potentially libellous or legally actionable cannot be tolerated. We ask users to reconsider their wording so as not to attract unwanted legal action against them.) 

Please note: We ask Hosts and Guests to respond to their reviews. This is to allow fairness when a negative review is published. If a Guest comments that digs are cold or dirty then the Host will have an opportunity to improve the situation before the review is published and can then explain, next to the review, that the issues raised have been addressed. In serious cases, listings are removed until we are satisfied the issues have been resolved. Likewise, if a Guest receives some negative comments, the Guest can respond with an explanation and both parties can ask the TheatreDigsBooker support team to mediate should the need arise.

The introduction of the 'Guest Review' and 'Response' features are in direct answer to the many requests we have received from both Hosts and Guests asking for more information and transparency. Hosts like to know as much as possible about the Guests they are considering welcoming into their homes and Guests like to know as much as possible about the digs they intend to stay in so they can make an informed choice.

We hope you like the reviews feature and, as always, we welcome feedback to help us improve the service we offer to you.

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