What is a Tour Code?

Theatre Digs Booker Tour Codes allow exclusive access to a unique feature created especially for Touring Theatre professionals on multi-night, UK tours. 

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Producers and venues: What does a Tour Code do?

Guests: What does a Tour Code do?

What does a Tour Code do? for Guests

  • Tour Page: View all tour dates on one page

  • Quick Searched: Pre-filled venue and date searches for each ‘Tour Stop’

  • Manage Bookings - easily see which tour dates you still need to book

  • Higher acceptance rates - Hosts have more confidence knowing a Guest is officially part of a verified tour.  This is what a Host sees on a Guest profile once the tour code has been used: 

Once a registered Guest has successfully entered their Tour Code, all venues and dates on the tour are displayed on one, easy-to-manage page built exclusively for Theatre Professionals.


What does a Tour Code do? For producers and venues

  • Supply management - we can inform venues and producers of potential shortfall in time for them to take action.

  • Quick assistance - knowing which tour a Guest is on helps TDB contact Company Managers directly to assist with issues.

We work directly with theatre producers and company managers who supply us with their touring schedules. A unique Tour Code is then created for each individual theatre tour and is distributed to Guests via their company manager or production company.


Why do I need a Tour Code?

You don’t have to use a Tour Code to book your Digs, however it is much easier to search, book and manage digs bookings on the site with a Tour Code. 

Without a Tour Code Guests have to manually search and book each venue separately. 

Also, without a Tour Code, we are unable to fully manage supply reports for your producers and venues meaning that there is more chance there are not enough of the right kind of digs for every stop on your tour.

Many Hosts also prefer to only receive bookings from Guests who are on official tours so your chances of getting a booking accepted are greater if you use a tour code.

How do I get a Tour Code?

Guests can get a Tour Code from their company/tour manager. If they haven't got one yet, they can contact us with the following information:

  • The size of the company

  • The tour schedule - dates and venues 

  • The Tour website (if there is one)


We will then create the code and forward all details to the company/tour manager to distribute to company members.

How do I use my Tour Code?

To watch our helpful video about how to use your Tour Code please click here:


How to add a Tour code to my Guest account

To use your Tour Code,  Login to your Guest account or Register as a Guest by clicking here.

From the Menu select 'Tours'

Enter your Tour Code to the box ‘Add A Tour’ shown in the screenshot below. Once your Tour Code has been entered, click on the green 'Join Tour' button located next to it. 



Once you have entered your Tour Code and clicked 'Join Tour' all your 'Upcoming and Current Tours' will be displayed with all the dates and venues specific to your tour.  Scroll down to view all of your tour stops.

What if I don't need Digs for a tour stop?

If you don't need Digs for a particular tour stop, and have accommodation already arranged just click on the 'I don't need a booking' button. 


When you click on 'I don't need a booking', an X will appear in the corner titled 'Digs Not Needed' as shown in the screenshot below. If your arrangements change and you do require Digs, simply click on 'I need a booking'.

How do I find Digs from this page?

If you do need Digs for a tour stop, click on the button 'Search For Digs'.


Your search criteria of location and dates will be pre-filled on this next view.  To see more information on how to use the search filters please take a look at our useful help article here: Searching for Digs.

How do I link an existing booking to a Tour?

To link an existing booking to a Tour go to your Bookings tab and view the relevant booking.  Click on the green ‘Link to Tour’ button.


This is what a linked booking will look like in your bookings page:

What happens when the tour is finished?

Once you've come to the end of your tour or you leave the tour, you can then archive the Tour. This removes it from your ‘Upcoming and Current Tours’ list. To archive the tour, scroll down to the bottom of your 'Upcoming and Current Tours' page.  Click on the ‘Archive Tour’ button which is located at the bottom of each tour stop list.  

How to view your past and archived tours.

To view your past and archived tours scroll to the top of your Tours page and click on 'Archived and Past Tours'. From this menu, you can also view your 'Current and Upcoming tours'.

If you notice that the dates or venues on your tour list need amending or updating, then please let us know via our Help Centre or just email us at support@theatredigsbooker.com.

If you have any questions please visit our Help Centre


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