All digs listings are required to display at least one photo and this must be of the bedroom offered for booking.*

Photos greatly improve your chances of getting more bookings. This is because Guests want to know as much as possible about the places they intend to book - the more detail you can offer them, the better.

You only need 1 but can upload up to 10 and it only takes a few seconds.

Ensure that your photos show all rooms appearing in good light (taken in the daytime where possible with window behind you), are clean, tidy and uncluttered, bedrooms show the bed dressed with some storage areas and are free of personal belongings.

We recommend as well as the bedroom photos, you also include ones of the bathroom, kitchen, lounge and any other shared areas.

For help adding your photo see our help article How to upload photos.

First, click on the 'Details' button located to the right of your Digs Listing.

Next, Click on the 'Edit/Add Photos' tab.

*Digs listings registered before January 2013 did not have to have photos so if you see any listings without photos, that's why.

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