Hosts can upload up-to 10 photos for each listing. This tutorial explains how.

PHOTO TIPS: From this great article by Victoria Whitlock - The Evening Standard's 'Accidental Landlord/lady'.


  • Clear away clutter, no-one wants to look at someone else's mess
  • Make sure rooms are clean and bright, open blinds, sweep back and smooth down curtains, clean the windows (but see note below*), make sure the bathroom sparkles
  • Dress beds, bare mattresses are depressing
  • Focus on the property’s unique selling points and ignore the mundane, zoom in on a fabulous bath, yes, but not a boring sofa
  • In winter, add some colourful pots to the garden to make sure it’s not drab
  • Take a few lifestyle shots, you know, a close up of a cafetiere on the kitchen worktop, flowers on the window sill, that sort of thing
  • Take one or two of the locality, the park, the high street
  • Use a quirky shot as your main photo to make your ad stand out from the zillions of others


  • Upload a picture of the bedroom first - The first image you upload is the image used as your ‘Key Photo’ or ‘Thumbnail’ in the results page and on your main ‘Digs listing’ so it’s worth choosing one you think best represents your accommodation.
  • Landscape only - Photos that are landscape in orientation are presented much better than those in portrait
  • Jpg & png - These are the best file types to upload.
  • No bigger than 5mb - The site doesn't accept images with a file size larger than 5mb.

NOTE: If you would like us to upload your photos for you, please just email them (landscape orientation only) to

1. Login to your account by clicking on the link 'I'm a Host' on the homepage, and entering your email address and password that you used to create your account.

2. You’ll be taken to your account page. Click on the ‘Digs Tab‘.

3. Go to your desired listing and click on the 'Details' button on the far right.

4. Go to 'Add/Edit Photos' on the far left under the 'Digs Menu'.

5. Click on 'Choose a Photo' and upload the desired photos.

6. Select an image from your computer - Landscape only please! 

7. If you have selected the right photo and are happy with it, click 'Yes, Upload it'

8. You are given the option to repeat this and add up to 10 photos! 

Once all 10 photos have been uploaded you will see the 'View Digs' button which shows you your listing from a Guest's perspective. 

Thats it! You’ve uploaded your photos and they are now online for people to view. Why not click ‘View’ to see your listing in full?


Once you’re happy just logout or quit your internet browser.

If you have any further questions please contact us  and we’ll see what we can do, or read our Host FAQ page.


Thanks for your time and Happy Hosting!

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