We appreciate the current energy crisis is causing challenges for all of us.

Whilst no one can predict exactly how much costs will rise or for how long, all we can do is try to be mindful of the costs incurred by everyone and be as understanding and reasonable as possible.

We ask our Guests to please be sensible with the heating, these are not normal times. Energy Bills are extortionate at the moment so no one should expect Hosts to have heating on full all the time.  If more heat is needed at certain times, we ask Guests to discuss and agree this with their Host. We all may need to wear an extra layer of clothing in the first instance.

We advise Hosts and Guests to discuss with each other the other options to stay warm, maybe an extra blanket or a hot water bottle.  

Hosts with self-contained Digs could advertise on their listing's description an amount of reasonable usage. 

Some Hosts may choose to increase their listing's prices slightly but we ask to remain mindful that unless touring budgets are increased, this simply passes on the issue to the Guest. The unions are in talks to help but these negotiations can take a long time.

Other tips are for Guests 
  • not to leave windows opens  
  • switch off any electrical appliances when they are not in use
  • don't overfill kettles 
  • set the washing machine at 30 Degrees and ensure that you have a full load.

Above all, please be kind and considerate to each other.

If you have any questions please visit our Help Centre


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