We’re Phil Barley & Lisa Benson, the founders of Theatre Digs Booker 

We believe that all Guests should look forward to touring and that digs play a huge part in their wellbeing, happiness and ultimately the quality of their performance at your venue.

Why Theatre Digs Booker?

We’re both touring performers, and back in 2010 we were coming up against the same problems on every tour; poor paper lists, last minute cancellations, inaccurate locations, inadequate digs!

We knew it could be improved and Theatre Digs Booker was created to be the change that we wanted to see; a website which made the process of finding and booking digs easier for touring companies and a place for honest, discerning, theatre-loving Hosts to share their homes.

How we help your visiting companies...

We aim to help every touring theatre professional find affordable, good quality and secure accommodation.

Why? Because a good night's sleep is vital for a good performance.

How? We make finding digs easy with our unique tour codes, connecting touring professionals to thousands of digs all across the UK.  All venues appear in order of the tour on one page and we provide ongoing support throughout a tour with our full-time support team.

We do all the hard work, so you don't have to.