There are many things that will ensure you get a great review on TheatreDigsBooker: a great location, an en-suite bathroom, Wi-Fi and, of course, a comfy bed. However, top of most Guests’ lists is a great Host. To find out what makes someone a great Host, we've got five excellent tips from our Host Carolyn in Bristol, who has welcomed numerous Guests to her home during her time with TheatreDigsBooker…

Five top tips for becoming a top TheatreDigsBooker Host


Tip #1:  Communicate clearly & Respect one another’s privacy

Tip #2:  Go light on the rules

You’ve received a lot of great Guest reviews, some of which even mention what a lovely Host you are; what are your top tips for becoming a successful Host?


“I think the key to being a good Host is good communication, respect, being welcoming, friendly and light on the rules and, finally, sharing what I have. It’s really important to not only respect my Guests’ privacy and the fact that they’re working long hours, but to also show an interest in their work and the show – they’re so passionate about what they do.


“As a Host, for me, what makes a great Guest is someone who communicates well, is easy going and considerate of the fact that I work too, and someone that is respectful; oh, and a good sense of humour goes a long way!” 

Tip #3: Avoid bathroom and breakfast clashes


Describe a typical day for a Host?


“There is no typical day, but I do try to understand that my Guests are expecting to work in the morning, so I avoid any bathroom or breakfast clashes to make things easier. I guess the thing I most hate is wrangling duvet covers, but I do like meeting lots of great people… and I’ve seen more theatre over last year than I thought possible!”

Tip #4: Take advantage of online features to stay organised


What is your favourite feature(s) about the TheatreDigsBooker website and why? Is there anything you would improve?


“I love the website; both Guests and Hosts have all the info they need, right at their fingertips. It’s clear what the payments are, which minimises any misunderstandings or double bookings and reduces mistakes on my part, and I love the calendars; it makes life so much easier.


“I really like that the website doesn’t just review digs but also Guests too, so feels fairer. The only improvement I’d like is to see current bookings first and scroll down to later ones rather than the other way.”

Tip #5: Welcome Guests as old friends… and they may just become new ones


Would you recommend becoming a TheatreDigsBooker Host?


“Yes. TheatreDigsBooker is great for people who want to earn extra income but are not comfortable with complete strangers staying in their home; I take a sense of security knowing that my Guests are working as part of a team - that’s something I don’t think I would get with something like Airbnb. A lot of people I now meet are friends of other Guests or returning Guests; when I started this I never expected to make new friends.”

If you have a spare room, are within easy reach of a theatre and would like to earn up to £7,500 tax-free each year, why not become TheatreDigsBooker’s next Host? Just visit to get started - what are you waiting for?

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