It is easy to check the details of your upcoming bookings.

1.  Visit your bookings page here.

2.  If you have made a booking your default view will be Upcoming Bookings.

3.  Each booking will be shown within a 'booking panel' as seen below:

4.  You can look at the digs details by clicking on the digs name (see arrow above). This will take you to the listing as seen on the site so that you can check the features, location and any other details of the digs.

5.  You can also add the dates to your personal calendar by clicking the 'Add to Personal Calendar' button (please see this help article).

6.  If you have not yet placed any bookings you will see the following screen:

7.  If you don't have any upcoming bookings you will see the following screen:

Click the 'Show All Bookings' button to see all your past, rejected and cancelled bookings.

8.  If you have requested a booking (but it has not yet been accepted) you will see this list along the right hand side of the screen:

Click on the 'Requested Bookings' link to view these bookings.

9.  Please click on the 'Awaiting Review' link to review any completed bookings (see this help article on how to do this).

10.  If you have any questions about your bookings, you can message the Host directly by visiting your messages page here.

If you need any further support with your booking, please email or call our friendly support team ( 01335 818025) between Monday and Friday, 9am - 5pm.