Sometimes, something may crop up which requires you to stop taking bookings. This could be due to building work, or anything! There are currently two options available for you:

Suspending Your Digs

You may find that you wish to remove your digs temporarily. By un-publishing your digs, we will retain your information, pictures and reviews. Your Digs are simply removed from the search results and aren't available for Guests. If you wish to return to the site and continue taking bookings, then you can just drop us an email and we can have this done for you in seconds. 

This is the best option for future proofing. If you need to un-publish your digs, you can email us here at support@theatredigsbooker.comSimply ask us to un-publish your digs and we will temporarily make them disappear from the site. You can reactivate your Digs upon request. Just email or call us when your ready to start receiving bookings again!

Deleting Your Digs

Sometimes deleting Digs is a necessary option, but is irreversible. You cannot reactivate your digs after deletion and will have to upload them again from scratch.

1. First, login as a Host and go to the Digs tab at the top right of the webpage. Once there, click 'Details' next to the desired Dig you wish to delete. 

2. To the left of your screen will be a 'Digs Menu', click on 'Edit Digs' and this page will appear:

3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and on the far left will be an option to delete these digs. Click on the 'Delete Digs' button.

4. Confirm the message that appears by clicking 'OK' and thats it! Your Digs have been successfully deleted.

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