To stop receiving new bookings and remove listings from search results, Hosts have a few options:

From the Digs tab, choose 'Manage Bookability':

Blocking Out Dates (Calendar)

For when Digs are unavailable on specific dates but still want to appear in searches and receive enquiries for some time in the future, Hosts can set a 'block out' period in the calendar.

You can make all rooms unavailable for as long as you want. Simply;

  • go to your Calendar page
  • select the dates to make unavailable, 
  • choose 'All rooms',  
  • click 'Set Unavailable':

How to manage your Calendar


Snooze digs for a set period of time (as long or as short as needed).

For when Hosts can't respond to new enquiries - take digs offline temporarily, and set a republish date to be auto-republished later.

Simply enter the desired date for the listing to be republished and click 'Snooze Listing'.

Temporarily Unpublishing

Unpublish digs until Hosts are ready to receive reservations again.

For when Hosts can't respond to booking requests for an indefinite amount of time. Digs can be manually republished by the Host at any point.

Simply click 'Unpublish Listing'.

Note: If you snooze or unpublish, you’ll still host your Guests for any confirmed bookings. 

REpublishing Digs Listings

A snoozed or unpublished listing can be reactivated at any point with one click of a button. This action will make digs show up in searches and be able to receive bookings again.

  1. Simply, navigate to the Digs page
  2. Find the digs to be republished
  3. Make sure the respective calendar is up-to-date
  4. Click 'Republish Listing'

Note: If digs were unpublished by our team, Hosts can contact us to getting up and running again. More about that in this article: 

Why is my listing suspended/unpublished?

Permanently Deleting

To permanently delete digs, all confirmed reservations must be complete.

Deleting a listing won’t impact any reviews about or from Guests - they’ll still show on the public profiles.

Deletion is irreversible. Digs cannot be reactivated after deletion and would have to be uploaded again from scratch if returning.

1. From the Digs tab, click 'Details' next to the relevant listing.

2. Click 'Delete Digs' under the 'Bookability section at the bottom of the page.:

3. Confirm the message that appears by clicking 'OK' and thats it! Your Digs have been successfully deleted.

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