When a Guest makes a booking request, they are asked to pay a 10% deposit via PayPal. This becomes our commission only on successful bookings. Why?

No hidden fees

We looked at how other sites charge their users and we decided to do all we can to avoid up-front costs to the Host and those annoying 'credit card fees' or 'booking charges' which ultimately add onto the price that you think you are going to pay.

Price of stay: £120

  • NO Credit Card Fee £2.75
  • NO Cleaning Fees £25
  • NO Booking Charges £5

Total fee payable = £120

Total fee displayed:

Total fee paid:

Where does it go? 

Here is how the 10% is distributed:

For every £10 in commission received, we pay:

  • £0.60 credit card charge (PayPal)
  • £1.80 web development (maintenance and development)
  • £2.20 support staff
  • £3.90 everything else (Insurance, hosting, phone bills, tax - everything!)

Estimated costs per £10 commission = £8.50

Profit to TheatreDigsBooker = £1.50

As we reach our optimal number of Hosts and Guests, the cost per booking will go down but the reality is that to operate on the scale that is needed to actually be a solution for our customers, we need to pay professional web-developers the going rate, pay our support team to deal with all manner of questions and ensure our systems have the integrity required to reliably provide the service our thousands of customers depend on on a daily basis.

No Upfront Fees

We scrapped the annual listing fee which required Hosts to pay up-front before receiving any bookings and have therefore taken away any risk to the Host.

No Cancellation Fees

Not all bookings are accepted and some fall through. Whether it is the Guest or the Host that cancels the booking, we retain no part of the deposit paid. We pass it on and absorb the administrative costs incurred.

Share the Cost

Because all the fees are paid by the Host, some Hosts choose to increase their prices and share the cost of online booking with the Guest. Because theatre professionals are given such a limited budget for accommodation we ask our Hosts to maintain the lowest price they can manage in the knowledge that they are supporting the theatre industry and their local theatre.

More Bookings

We have worked very closely with existing theatre digs Hosts to ensure that we make it as easy as possible to 'go online' so they can be where the majority of their Guests search for accommodation. We are also working with theatres and touring companies to help revolutionise the old system. We recently processed our 10,000th successful booking which means the industry has already moved to online booking. This means more bookings for our Hosts which, when combined with the increased ease with which to receive bookings, more than makes up for any costs incurred.

If you would like any more information on the commission process, please get in touch.

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