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Why should I use Theatre Digs Booker?

TheatreDigsBooker has exclusive links to professional bodies, unions and affiliate websites with theatre professionals totalling in excess of 115,000 members.

We contact touring companies, producers, theatres, unions and professional bodies to ensure that they know the 'paper' digs list is a thing of the past.

Hosts - this means you can easily optimise your chances of getting bookings without fear of being relegated to the back page of a paper list just because your name comes later in the alphabet.

Guests - this means you can easily search for and book your Digs online, chat to your potential Host, see photos, view availability and save time booking your home from home whilst on tour.

Reviews from our Hosts and Guests

"Check in perfect, as are the digs. Couldn’t be happier.  This landlady Lynn will get a great review!  I am a huge fan of THEATRE DIGS, you are a great network and a huge help to touring thespians!"

"Thank you for a brilliant service that makes our lives more interesting and gives us a chance to support the arts we love."

"You guys are brilliant and your customer service needs to be applauded far and wide."

"What a fabulous introduction to theatredigsbooker.com if all my Guests are as wonderful, I'm in for a treat."

"I enjoy having Theatre Digs Booker users to stay and find it an incredibly interesting way to make my spare room earn it's keep."

"Couldn't do my job without you. Great company! ;)"


"I find you very pleasant and helpful folk to work with. I have never had an unpleasant Theatre Digs Booker....they are all lovely people and always very considerate. I really enjoy having them to stay."


"I'd like to thank you for a brilliant service. I probably get around 60/70% of my bookings through TheatreDigsBooker and that has no doubt helped my digs stay open. The site is easy to use and email notifications help me to keep on top of my business."

"Thank you. Such a good, simple system that even we can use it."

"I have met some great people through the site - long may it continue"

"We are thoroughly enjoying using Theatre Digs Booker, our guests so far have all been marvellous and we have also seen some fabulous shows which we normally wouldn't have chosen. It's a wonderful idea and website, we have highly recommended it to several friends."

"I LOVE the new format of booking in guests, it makes life Sooooooooooooo much easier."

"Thanks for all your help this year - without your website and our lovely theatre lodgers we would have gone under... not only did we make some money but we met some really lovely people too..."

“Theatre Digs Booker is brilliant and the guests that have stayed with me have been simply lovely and no bother at all."

“Thank you! We are delighted with the review. We’ve had more enquiries through your site; you are doing a great job. ”

“I’d like to say that over the year we have had a good number of enquiries through the site so I can really recommend you.”

“I love letting my places out as digs. Everyone is always so pleasant to have in the place. Theatredigbooker.com has helped make sure our accommodation is busy most of the year.”

“I am happy to be advertising with you, the majority of theatre professionals have respect for the property and treat it accordingly…”

“I always like the theatre professionals who stay with us!”

“Keep up the good work!”

“Everything seems to be working well and we have had several enquiries since it started”

“All my theatre guests come back every year at some time, I seem to fit their bill…”

“…You’ve done a great job…”

“‘Thanks for this – well, that was really easy to do and is a clear and good site – nice!”

“Love what you’re doing…”

“…Great digs idea…”

“…Sounds excellent…”

“…I love you guys, thank you!…”

“Your website is providing me with some delightful theatre people – many thanks!” 

“We are staying in Manchester in a place we found through using Theatre Digs (Booker)- great value for money!”    

“Couple of people asking us about Edinburgh digs today – we can’t recommend @theatredigsbook highly enough”

“Nor can I, They really saved me in Brighton, I found wonderful place!”

"I've used Theatredigsbooker for over a year now and love its simplicity."

“…Just booked digs using www.theatredigsbooker.com… amazing! Use it and spread the word!

 “You finish a tour and then this launches… bout time some bright spark managed it – well done and thank you!”

"Well done and thank you for bringing such lovely people to our home.  Friends often say we should use other sites but I'd much prefer to have theatre folk every time.  And our bookings are going up with nice reviews they leave so it's win win - we will definitely carrry on with the TDB website.  Keep up the good work."

"Would like to let you know that navigating your site and adding all the details just couldn’t have been easier - super-fast responses too.."

"For the short time i was on the site it was excellent and would definitely recommend the site to my friends and if i have a spare room in the future will not hesitate to use again so thanks."

"Thanks for your very efficient operation and very clear website. I am enjoying meeting all the charming guests who have booked with me through Theatre Digs Booker."

"This is such a good site. I'm getting loads of bookings and the site is so easy to use"

"Just to say that the last three people who've stayed have been praising the website no end.  They say it makes their lives so much easier and they really like it."

"Just wanted to say how pleased I am to to be a host with your company. I have now had four bookings, and it is all very easy to keep together. Really useful for a freelance artist to have extra income from time to time and to meet lovely people! Also great to go and see more theatre as usually go and see our guests if they are performing/doing backstage/sound production work etc"

"Has been a delight listing with you.  The guests have been lovely, all your comms have been great and your website is utterly brilliant!"

"Thank you for your help today. It was a real pleasure in that you were polite, helpful and professional – a credit to your company. Thanks also to management for allowing the time and effort in dealing with your customers in such a manner. I run several companies and have sales/support teams and always pride myself in recognising and commending excellent work."

"...I would also like to take this opportunity to say that the two times I have spoken to the support team they have been a great help and I really appreciated the help they gave/they have been a pleasure to speak to.
Many thanks for everything."

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