TheatreDigsBooker does not currently offer Hosts the option of variable pricing based on specific dates. This is on our 'road map' so it is coming soon but, in the meantime, you can show seasonal pricing by following this method.

For Digs That Offer Individual Rooms

1. Firstly, log into your account by clicking 'I'm A Host' in the top right, alternatively you can click here.

2. Enter the Digs page by clicking on the 'Digs' Tab at the top right of the screen. Then Click the 'Details' button next to the digs listing.

3. To the left will be a 'Digs Menu'. Click on 'Add/Edit Rooms'.

4. From here, click on the 'Add Room' button at the bottom of the page and copy the details across from the other room but add 'In August' to the end title (or the seasonal period you wish, e.g In December). Once done, click 'Save Changes'.

5. Now that you have added the room, you will need to enter your new prices. Click 'Pricing' from the Digs menu and then click 'Complete Pricing'.

6. Here you can enter your nightly, weekly and monthly prices and then click 'Save Prices' to save these.

7. Now visit your calendar tab. At the top of the screen. There should be a notification next to it. When the page loads you will be greeted with an error message. Click 'View Calendar'. 

8. Select the seasonally priced room from the 'Choose Calendar' dropdown menu.

9. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, then select which dates you wish to be unavailable. These should be the dates that the seasonal prices do not apply to. 

In this example we have made all dates other than August unavailable before...

...and after.

For each set of dates, press 'Set Unavailable' and then the seasonal room will only show as available on your desired dates.

For your original room, simply make the dates unavailable for August (or the desired seasonal dates).

10. Your listing will now show different prices for your required seasonal variation:

Guests can now choose the correct room from your available rooms.

For Digs That Only Let The Whole Property

The process is much the same as above but instead of adding a duplicate room you add a duplicate Digs Listing with the 'in August' suffix. Note: This is the only time a duplicate listing is permitted on the site.

1. Go to your 'Digs Page' and click on 'Add Digs'.

2. Recreate your listing exactly the same but add 'In August' (Or your desired seasonal period) to the Digs.

You can now add pricing that reflects your seasonal variation and then update the calendar to only show availability for that season as described above.

If you have any questions or would like help creating your seasonal pricing, please get in touch.

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