Our aim is to list at least 40 great digs within 5 miles of every major receiving theatre in the country. And we are nearing our goal every day.


However, in the meantime, we have found that most Guests who are touring the country would rather have the option to travel a few miles than not see enough options so our search radius is currently 20 miles.


That means that a search for digs in Norwich could return results in surrounding areas.


To make sure our Guests are fully informed there are several ways we show location information.

This example shows how clear the information provided can be:



On this search for accommodation in Norwich you can see that we have refined the search by choosing the Norwich Theatre Royal.


We can then see:


A) the option to order the results by distance from the theatre

B) the distance from the theatre on each listing

C) the position of each listing on the map

D) see the corresponding listing according to the map's numbered key


We hope this gives Guests all the information they need to make an informed choice and we are improving things all the time.


As always, please get in touch with any questions or feedback.

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