In some cases it may be necessary for us to delay releasing a deposit from a cancelled booking. If this is the case, we should inform you during a booking's cancellation process. This can be via the site or via email.

Here are some reasons why we may have delayed a deposit:

  • If a booking was originally requested before the 17th of March 2020.

This is due to refunds being affected by the unforeseen circumstances caused by the Coronavirus pandemic under our previous business model. The refund is delayed whilst we review the best way to refund the receiving party. In light of what we have learnt from the pandemic, we have taken the decision to 'ring-fence' all booking deposits made on or after the 17th March 2020. This means that deposit money is now safe and not used as income by the business until the booking is complete.

  • An unforeseeable event has caused a reduction in staff to process refunds.

In this event, we would send a separate email to inform you of the changes in circumstances and what we are doing to resolve the matter.

  • A booking may have been flagged for investigation. 

In order to maintain the relevance and validity of TheatreDigsBooker, we monitor various interactions on the site to make sure everything is working properly. Because of this, the site may flag behaviour considered unusual. It may flag a booking if it is suspected of being taken 'offsite', or a complaint has been made regarding either party involved in the booking. In any case, we will aim to send a follow up email detailing the circumstances of this investigation.

If your deposit has been delayed and you believe none of the reasons above cover your circumstance, then please contact our support team. 

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