A coronavirus is a type of virus. As a group, coronaviruses are common across the world. Typical symptoms of coronavirus include fever and a cough that may progress to a severe pneumonia causing shortness of breath and breathing difficulties.

Generally, coronavirus can cause more severe symptoms in people with weakened immune systems, older people, and those with long-term conditions such as, but not limited to diabetes, cancer and chronic lung disease.

Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is a new strain of coronavirus first identified in Wuhan City, China.

The government is closely monitoring the spread of the Coronavirus and is taking action at home and abroad.

The overall risk of Coronavirus to the UK has now been raised to high.

Below is helpful advice and information for Hosts and Guests:

  • The NHS website has more information about how coronavirus is spread and answers common questions about the virus.
  • The Government is now meeting on a daily basis to discuss and agree actions going forward - follow all latest Government advice by clicking here to access.
  • If you are a concerned Host or Guest, in addition to the above you may wish to consider the following:
    • Using the message service or direct contact details to check with upcoming Guests / Hosts if they have been overseas, prior to arrival, in particular to any of the affected areas, are feeling unwell, or have been in close contact with anyone feeling unwell.
    • Follow current Government advice / recommendations regarding basic personal hygiene, to prevent the spread of the virus, such as: 
      • Regularly washing or sanitising hands. 
      • Sneezing / Coughing into a tissue or into the crease of your elbow.
      • Avoiding touching your face with unwashed hands.
      • Cleaning surfaces and items within shared spaces with an appropriate cleaning agent (paying particular attention to areas of regular contact, such as door handles, stair banisters etc). 
    • Sharing DHSC content from the following social media links:

      · https://twitter.com/DHSCgovuk/status/1223888531262726144

      · https://www.facebook.com/DHSCgovuk

The advice and information above is provided in good faith, based on what we are aware of as current advice on publishing this Support Article, as things are changing frequently, we ask that you keep yourself updated via the NHS and Government links above.