What is a 'Tour Code'?

This code is given to a company/tour manager (or anyone in charge of a tour) and is unique to your production.  By using providing this code your company, can see all the venues of their tour on one page and use the associated links to find available accommodation in the right area on the correct dates.  Making finding digs whilst on tour more accessible than ever before.

Do I need a 'Tour Code'?

Many theatres digs providers are private individuals who offer rooms in their private homes. These rooms are not available to the public but are instead only provided to the touring theatre community. By being exclusive, theatre digs are often much cheaper than the equivalent guest rooms in the area. As only theatre professionals can view their profiles on our website, more private digs providers use us and as a result Theatre Digs Booker can offer you more choice.

How do I get a 'Tour Code'?

If you are a company /tour manager, please email us at support@theatredigsbooker.com with the following information:

  • What is the size of your company?
  • What is your tour schedule?
  • Does your tour have a website? If so, please include the web address.

We will then create the code and forward all details to you so you can pass the code onto the relevant company members.

How do I use my ‘Tour Code’?

A helpful video can be seen outlining this process here:

1. Once you have received your Tour Code, you can enter it here. Alternatively, you can find this page under the ‘Tours’ tab located on the upper right of the homepage.

2. When the webpage loads, you will be asked to key in your Tour Code to the box titled ‘Add A Tour’. Once your Tour Code has been entered, click on the green 'Join Tour' button located next to it. 

3. When your tour code has been added, and the ‘Join Tour’ button has been clicked, you will be greeted with your unique webpage showing you all the dates and venues specific to your tour. It will look a little like this.


4. Let's take a look at the Tour Stops. The ones which are smaller and coloured grey are those which have passed. The larger one (In this case, Edinburgh Playhouse) is an upcoming Tour Stop. 

5. Underneath here, you can choose the option; 'I don't need a booking'. This is for if you won't be attending that Tour Stop, or have accommodation already arranged. When you click on this, an X will appear in the corner titled 'Digs Not Needed'. If your arrangements change and you do require Digs, simply click on 'I Need a Booking'.


6. If you do need accommodating, then click on the button to the right titled 'Search For Digs'.

This will automatically fill out our search boxes with your required terms. You can begin booking digs from here!

7. Once you've come to the end of your tour, and all your Digs have been booked, you can then archive the Tour. This removes it from your ‘Upcoming and Current Tours’ list. To do so, an ‘Archive Tour’ button is located at the bottom of each tour stop list.  

8. To view your past and archived tours, head over to the left of the webpage and you will find your filter list. Click on the link titled 'Archived and Past Tours'. From this menu, you can also view your 'Current and Upcoming tours'.

If you notice that the dates or venues on your tour list need amending or updating, then please don't hesitate to contact us at support@theatredigsbooker.com or call us on 01335 818025. 

This is just the first phase of this new feature; soon you will be able to:

  • Print receipts for entire tours
  • View tour dates on a map
  • Message, book and review all from one page
  • Save preferences for every search
  • And much more

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