Still handing out a paper digs list?

We spoke to your Guests...

In a survey of over 400 theatre professionals:

90% said they would like to see all Theatres offer Online Digs Lists 

83% of respondents said they would rather book their digs online

88% said it was important to have someone to contact when there were issues with their digs

92% said the quality of information about their digs was important 

77% said it was important that their digs had been reviewed by their peers

A proven solution

Since 2010, TheatreDigsBooker has been working with touring companies and individual Hosts to bring digs booking online. 

We now have over 5,000 registered Hosts, 15,000 Guests and have processed over 300,000 nights of successful bookings through the site. 

TheatreDigsBooker can Host your Theatre's digs list online and provide you with the most up-to-date and reliable digs list in your area.

Don't just take our word for it...

Here's what some of our Guests and Hosts have to say.

David Hopkins Company Stage Manager

“TheatreDigsBooker has transformed touring. It's already making booking digs for the Mousetrap Tour next year a breeze”

Mary & Geoff Collinge TheatreDigsBooker Hosts

"Since we joined in May, we have been very impressed with everything about the way TDB is run. Everyone we've contacted and all the communications, are so helpful, positive and enthusiastic!  We'd been providing digs in the 'old fashioned' way for six years. Since joining, we've received three booking the old way and twenty three through you. That says it all!"

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We'd be delighted to answer any questions and offer ongoing support.

Call: 01335 818025  

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The TheatreDigsBooker Team


How do I get my Theatre's Digs List Online?

The simplest way to get online is to:

  1.  Send all your visiting companies to to find their accommodation
  2.  Let your Hosts know you're online and ask them to join you at
  3.  Let us know you're joining us and we will help your Hosts online.

Alternatively, if you'd like to reward your loyal Hosts with our 'Experienced Theatre Host Badge'...

  1.  Get in touch and let us know you'd like us to host your Theatre's Online Digs List 
  2.  Send us a copy of your Theatre Logo
  3.  Email your Hosts with our unique referral code and ask them to join your Online Digs List
  4.  We'll add any of your hosts who join to your Online Digs List...
  5.  And provide you with a unique URL, to link to your website and hand out to your visiting companies

All this is FREE for all UK Theatres

How do you protect my Hosts' details?

To ensure that only Theatre Professionals can view their details, we have several privacy measures in place, designed specifically to protect the TheatreDigsBooker Host. We are GDPR Compliant

Which Hosts appear on my Theatre's Digs List?

We create a unique page on our site for your Theatre and add Hosts who choose to join you online. We'll manage that list for you and add and remove Hosts as they require us to do so.

What does it cost?

It costs your Theatre NOTHING! That's right; it's FREE!

What about complaints, who deals with those?

We do! Our dedicated Support Team works 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday to help and resolve any issues your Hosts and Visiting Companies may have.

Can you provide a link from my Theatre's website?

Yes, we can provide you with a unique URL which you can use to provide a link on your Theatre's website to your Theatre's Digs List page. 

Contact Us:

We'd be delighted to answer any questions and offer ongoing support.

Call: 01335 818025  

Email: Hayley Henderson at

Or provide us with your email address so we can send you some more information.

Thank you for visiting us,

The TheatreDigsBooker Team

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