Hi [Host name]

We are sorry to hear that your booking with [Guest name] did not run as smoothly as we would have hoped.

Further to your Raised Issue/email/conversation with you about your Guest [guest name], in fairness to all parties and in order to mediate as best we can, we have contacted the Guest regarding any feedback and their reasons for his/her early checkout from your Digs. 


There is a procedure in place for Guests when they wish to check-out early including the 'Raise Issue' facility in the site.  This procedure states that in the unlikely event that the Guest needs to leave Digs early, that he/she communicates directly with the Host prior to departure with reasons.  We also urge Guests to discuss payment with the Host where necessary.

EITHER (if resolved):


Our main focus today has been to help you to secure a replacement booking as soon as possible.  For this purpose, I have edited the end date of your booking with [Guest name] to ensure your calendar is free and you can now receive new bookings.  I have also asked our marketing department to advertise your digs listing through our social media channels in an attempt to find a replacement booking for you.


The Guest has provided us with the following feedback.  (please list feedback).

When feedback of this nature is received, we feel it is important to follow this up to ensure that future bookings run more smoothly for both yourself and future Guests.  

We fully appreciate that negative feedback can be very upsetting and can feel personal at the time, however, please be assured that when we receive feedback such as this we are keen to act as mediators and try as much as possible to gather the facts in the first instance.  We do not assume that either party is 'correct' and to this end, we rely on the information provided by both Hosts and Guests. 

Furthermore, We like to think of these situations as good opportunities for Hosts to review the quality of their accommodation and service from a Guest's perspective and feel that it would be unfair for us not to share feedback with Hosts, especially if there may be something simple that they can do to correct any issues that may ultimately lead to further bookings.

[DELETE IF NECESSARY] Due to the nature of the feedback received (attach photographs where necessary) please be advised that we have temporarily removed your listing until we receive confirmation that the issues have been resolved.  Can you please do the following so that we can publish your listing again as soon as possible: (please list required Host actions)

OR (if unresolved):

The Guest gave us the following reason/s for his/her early check-out.  We appreciate that there are often two sides to any situation and welcome any comments you have about this feedback.  The Guest has provided photographs to support the feedback (delete if necessary) and can be forwarded to you if you would like to see them.


Can you please confirm how much the Guest has paid for this booking and whether you have agreed an amended payment with the Guest?

We will await your response, but based on the Guest's feedback our advice would be to accept payment .... for the nights stayed with you only/ for the full period/ to mark the booking as 'Host Cancelled' and with no payment (if the latter, neither yourself or the Guest can submit a review via the site).


Summarise here all payments made so far

1. Total original booking amount and deposit paid 

2.  Total received amount by host from Guest for reduced booking (or not)

3. The booking will/will not need to be edited on the site


 Based on this information we have calculated the correct cost of [Guest's] stay and monies owed as the following:

1. Based on this information the Guest owes you/you owe the Guest ...

2. Please let us know when the payment has been made/was made/or if you need support with this


[If payment has been received] 

We understand that the Guest has paid you £_____ for the night(s) stayed.  Please be advised that we have now edited the total cost of the booking on the site to £______ and that any remained deposit balance will be refunded to the Guest.

[Admin instructions:https://theatredigsbooker.freshdesk.com/solution/articles/3000072529-admin-tutorial-what-to-do-if-a-guest-checks-out-early]


Our website policy clearly states that the balance of the Guest's stay must be paid to their Host on the check-in date unless otherwise agreed between yourselves.  We email our Guests with the balance amount well in advance of their stay with their Hosts.  We strongly recommend that you enforce this policy and use the messaging feature on our website to communicate this with your Guests before their arrival. 

We are sorry this booking has not run as smoothly as expected.  Please be assured that issues such as these are rare, but we are here to help if necessary. 

With many thanks and kind regards,

Raised Issue (Additional Notes) 

The new 'Raise Issue' feature can also be implemented in this case and can be used to track the progress of an problem such as this. The support tutorial on this feature can be found here: SUPPORT TUTORIAL: How to raise and resolve an issue in Control Panel.