Our brilliant team of developers have been busy improving TheatreDigsBooker to make it easier for everyone to manage.

We have listened to you, our wonderful Hosts and Guests and have made (most of) the changes you have asked for.

Here is a quick summary of what's new:

Whole property pricing per Guest

Hosts who let their accommodation as a whole property (as opposed to individual rooms) can now vary the price depending on the number of Guests staying.

Vary price per number of Guests


Opt out of minimum stay after first week

Hosts who set a minimum stay can choose to only charge the minimum on the first week (and not all subsequent weeks, as is the default).


Minimum stay repeat?

Dates required for all enquiries

It seems some of our Hosts were getting frustrated that they were still being messaged by Guests enquiring about availability when they had already taken time to update their calendars.  

We now ensure that Guests enter their required dates before they can contact Hosts.

New Booking button

Changeover Days

It was previously difficult to book a stay where the check-in date was the same as the previous bookings check-out date. We have now improved the calendar to include the changeover day.

Better photo upload and editing

Re-designed to make it as easy as possible to upload great images of your accommodation.

New Photo uploader

Easier editing navigation 

Some Hosts were finding it difficult to navigate their listings to edit and update details. We have now added another menu. Just click any of the 'Edit' buttons from the Digs Page and this new view appears:

New editing menu

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